The Best Rose Wines From Europe and the US

Some people are lucky to live on or near vineyards, while others can only dream of their beauty. In most cases, though, wine bottles travel thousands of miles from producers and distributors to consumers. By doing so, people can sample wines from other parts of the world rather than only accessing local ones, if any.

Many wine enthusiasts will admit that they don’t just drink wine from anywhere. While some people will only buy their favorite bottles from specific liquor shops, others prefer to buy directly from the vineyards in France, Spain, Italy, and the US. This article highlights the different types available, what foods to pair them with, and the regions from which the grapes hail.

Different Types of Rose Wines You Shouldn’t Miss

When purchasing a bottle of wine, whether locally or overseas, the consumer expects the process to be straightforward and uneventful. And thanks to technological advancements, customers can buy winery-direct wines online and have them shipped directly from the cellar. 

Rosé is a wine variety made from the skin contact method, which entails coloration from the grape skins but is not enough to be classified as red wine. Wine producers crush black-skinned grapes and allow the skins to stay on for about 2 to 20 hours. This time disparity explains why rosé wines come in varying pink hues.

This pale pink wine is considered the oldest type and goes by rosé in English, Portuguese, and French-speaking countries, rosato in Italian, and rosado in Spanish. If you’re new to rosé wines, you may think they should obviously have a sweet flavor. However, this isn’t always the case as they can also be dry, savory, sparkling, semi-sparkling, and still. Below are rosé wine varieties every wine enthusiast should try.

Sangiovese Rosé

This fruity wine is made from Sangiovese grapes and comes in a bright hue that shines in the light. Although these grapes are grown in various countries, they are common in Italian vineyards. Sangiovese wines are aromatic and dry, expressing ripe strawberry and spice notes and a soft but bitter finish. They are best enjoyed cold in white wine glasses and paired with white meats and fish.

Best Buy: 2017 Fattoria Fibbiano Sofia Rose Toscana IGT, Tuscany, Italy.

Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé

This one is a dry, savory style rosé wine made using the Saignée method. The Cabernet rosé comes in deep ruby-red hues with hints of cherry sauce, black currants, and spice flavors. The most significant difference from other wines is its high acidity since it isn’t aged in oak. These wines make excellent companions to salmon, seafood, salads, and various cheeses.

Best Buy: 2013 Domain du Castel Rose du Castel

Provence Rosé

This lean and delicately fruity wine comes in pale pink colors. Provence rosé was pioneered by Provence producers who changed their production techniques to suit the modernized 21st-century lifestyle. It is made by blending Grenache, Mourvedre, Syrah, and Cinsault grapes from the prominent French vineyards. Its crisp, dry notes pair well with most regular meals, including burgers.

Best Buy: Le Grande Cros, L’Esprit de Provence

Tavel Rosé

Tavel rosé is an unusually dry wine from the southern wine region of France, across the Rhone River. This wine is more bodied and structured than most pink wines and has a minimum alcohol content of 11%. Although nine varieties can be blended to produce Tavel rosé, Cinsault and Grenache grapes are the main stars.

Tavel rosé is one of the few pink wines that age beautifully as it transforms the fruity aromas into nutty notes. It pairs well with a good old brisket barbecue.

Best Buy: Tresor des Sables 2019, Les Vignerons de Tavel and Lirac

Zinfandel Rosé

Zinfandel rosé is made from black and blue colored grapes grown in Napa Valley and Sonoma County in California. Although the grapes are dark, their light-colored centers adopt pink notes from the bleeding skins during soaking.

Also known as White Zinfandel, this popular sweet and occasionally dry wine makes an excellent choice for a weekend brunch, as it pairs well with salads, pasta, and light meat dishes. This wine is best enjoyed cold and crisp.

Best Buy:  2013 Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi White Zinfandel, California, USA

Syrah Rosé

Also identified as Shiraz rosé, Syrah is a savory wine with rich flavors and an oily texture. It is made using the Saignee Method, resulting in deep shades of ruby and hints of strawberry, cherry, green olives, and peach skin. Syrah rosé pairs best with roasted vegetables, lemon-garlic shrimp, and pepperoni pizza. Due to its bold flavor, this wine should be served at temperatures higher than your refrigerator.

Best Buy: Les Sarrins Cotes de Provence Rosé 2021

Happy Sipping!

There are numerous reasons why wine enthusiasts prefer to buy their favorite wine bottles directly from vineyards worldwide. But the most recurring one is to purchase authentic blends at the convenience of your home, no matter where you are. With trusted European proxies, you can shop for rare finds from the finest vineyards all over France, Italy, Spain, and even the US.

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