Men’s Style Guide: 5 Ways to Make a Fashion Statement Effortlessly

Everyone has a different interpretation of fashion; it is personal. While some of us like to keep things simple and minimal, others prefer to live aloud.

When it comes to making a fashion and style statement, it all comes down to personal preference. As creatures of habit, we harbor a tendency to confine and restrict ourselves in our comfort zones. We love familiarity simply because it is safe. Sure, familiarity is dependable. However, it can get a little monotonous.

To make a true fashion statement, you have to be just a little bit fearless. However, it is also essential to make it look like you are not trying too hard.

Confused? Well, we are here to help you explore your style potential. The following are 5 ways in which you can make a powerful fashion statement effortlessly.

Color Blocking

A substantial demographic generally avoid bold colors. Unapologetically daring and fearless, if you wish to make a fashion statement, just throw on some bold colors, and half of your work is done.

Color blocking has been gaining momentum owing to its unabashed approach to living life in color. Although bright colors may seem intimidating to some, the trick lies in nailing the art of mixing and matching different sets of colors.

Color blocking uses two or more solid color segments in one ensemble, typically, a combination of warm and cool tones or contrasting colors. Another approach uses a hybrid of neutrals with bright hues. If you are not good at color matching, refer to the color wheel. Learn about contrasting tones so you can create aesthetically harmonious outfits.

White Suit

White suits just earn a bad rep for no reason. There is nothing quite as stunning or statement as a white suit. Supremely versatile and surprisingly very wearable, unlike popular opinion, a white suit flatters just about everyone. If you wish to sport one color all year round, it is white.

We highly recommend you invest in a white suit. The investment is worth the money because you can sport your suit together or rock its pieces separately by mixing and matching it with other elements.

For instance, you can sport a white blazer over anything from a pair of chinos and a dress shirt, a pair of jeans and a tee, or a contrasting pair of dress pants. Similarly, white pants look great with anything. Keep it easy and breezy with a dress shirt or spice it up with a statement piece like a velvet blazer or a warrior leather vest and turn heads wherever you go.

However, if you absolutely have to be careful about something, it is your suit’s fit. Your suit must be well-tailored and well-fitted because an ill-fitting suit just looks like an unflattering and sloppy mess.

Colorful Socks

Socks may seem like insignificant nothings, but a pair of socks can really pack on a strong punch. They are inexpensive, so you can stock them up without having to worry about causing a dent in your pocket.

Colorful socks can be super fun. If you wish to step away from the everyday blacks, browns, and whites, an excellent place to start is vibrant, block colors. Choose colors that complement and contrast the colors of your ensemble.

Once you get used to blocking colors, try your hand (or should we say foot?) at printed and patterned socks. Just try to avoid matching prints if you wish to have a cleaner and more polished outlook.

Two-toned Shoes

Who doesn’t love the classic oxfords, derbies, and brogues? They are classic, chic, versatile, and dependable.

There are not many ways to play around with your shoes. Sure, monotones are a safe bet because they look good with everything. Whether it is a sleek black number or a fiery red one, single-toned shoes are fantastic.

However, if you wish to jazz your outfit up a little, try your luck with two-toned shoes. Two-toned shoes are an easy way to elevate a simple look and take it to the next level. You would be amazed at what just a splash of color can do to your whole outlook.

Transform your minimal and simple look and upgrade it to something fabulous with just a pop of color. Two-toned shoes give your modern outfits a unique retro feel. If you like vintage-inspired pieces, you need a pair of versatile two-toned shoes. We suggest opting for neutral colors harmonized with rich and vibrant colors for a striking look in summer.

Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is eternal. Timeless classics that look incredible, feel great, and flatter one and flatter all; how could anyone not love them? You can sport them all year round, be it summers, spring, fall, or winters.

What makes a leather jacket the ultimate fashion statement is its brazenly bold and striking outlook that manages to snag everyone’s attention when it enters any room. Whether it is a chic leather bomber jacket, an edgy biker leather jacket, or a sleek and classic motorcycle leather jacket, they all just look so effortlessly sexy regardless of what you wear with them. A leather jacket is truly an investment piece that is guaranteed to last you a lifetime.

Parting Thoughts

We all like to be well-dressed and look polished and sophisticated. Every day looks, although comfortable and easy, can get boring. Stepping out of the norm is revitalizing as it gives you a confidence and self-esteem boost. So stay true to your style but take the leap and go all out every once in a while. At the end of the day, the ultimate fashion statement is to try something new and rock it with confidence.

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