Top 10 Apps to Keep Business Travel Productive and Efficient


Gone are the days when travelling for business purposes meant long hours of rest and being cut-off from work for businessmen. With the rapid advancements in technology that we have been experiencing lately, business travel has now become an affair with the latest smart tech solutions specifically meant for travelling businessmen. It helps them stay connected with their business world even while travelling.

Nowadays, business travelling has become more prevalent and frequent in various businesses, mainly because new lucrative areas of investment have started coming up all over the world, industrially as well as technologically. Hence, it wouldn’t be a good idea for business owners and decision makers to stay away from their business that frequently. For the same reason, new business travel applications and solutions are all the more important.

These new business applications meant for on-the-go businessmen are nothing short of masterpieces as they have been created by experts in innovation who see efficiency as their top priority. They are a result of thorough research conducted with respect to a businessman’s journey from one destination to the next and his travel needs. Hence they help in increasing productivity and efficiency even while away from work. They also help business officials de-stress and have some fun while travelling too.

If you are a businessman who still dreads those frequent trips, then you are in for a surprise!

Here are the top 10 business travel apps for you to choose from, and pack on your next business trip:

1. TripIt

TripIT is an efficient itinerary that allows you to organize and consolidate your events, business emails and messages in a single place. This can especially come in handy when you need to head out to a meeting immediately after landing at your destination when there can be a number of confirmation messages and numbers being volleyed back and forth. It makes planning much easier and effective.

2. Concur

Concur is one of the most popular business apps that is already being used by many business officials all over the world. It can be cliché but it is for good reason. It is an efficient expense manager that lets you handle your travel expenses like a pro. From flight expenses to hotel charges to car rentals and other receipts, Concur helps you keep track of all finances and what’s more it can be integrated with your office for important approvals and your credit card as well. It also lets you send detailed insightful reports back to your office finance team for better management. It literally makes your life easier.

3. Dufl

You know how we sometimes wish we had an automated assistant to pack our stuff for us and carry it for us while we travel? Well, looks like that wish can easily come true now! Dufl is one such wonder of a personalized wardrobe assistant that will allow you to look top notch for all your events without you having to pack any of your suits. Yes, it’s a virtual closet, from which you can choose any outfit you want while in transit, and it will be waiting for you all clean and sleek, at your destination city. At the end of the trip, you can have your outfit picked up back by the Dufl professionals. Talk about sophistication!

4. Docusign

Ok, we all know how the life of a top management business executive revolves around millions of contracts and papers waiting to be signed and approved. Hence, we have Docusign. It is an app that lets you sign and execute contracts on the go easily. It is perfectly designed to suit the ever-so-mobile life of a businessman nowadays.

5. Handshake

Handshake is the perfect app for trade shows. It allows you to conduct an entire sales process more efficiently within it. It lets you see more customers and process more orders by making them easier. It has several attractive features like the ability to showcase your full catalogue, the ability to generate and send sales reports directly back to your office and the ability to view important client information like orders history, contact address etc. It is almost like your own customized B2B portal through which you communicate with other retailers and increase sales.

6. Yelp

In the middle of running from one meeting to the next and seeing potential clients, don’t you want to have some lunch? Yelp gets you a list of some of the best places for you to eat, along with user reviews, menus and even address tracking facility.

7. BestParking

You already have a jam packed business schedule, now you don’t want to waste time finding a good place to park your vehicle, do you? BestParking lets you find some of the most convenient parking spaces, at the cheapest rates near your destination. It will definitely help you save time and money.

8. Foodspotting

This is another food application, but what’s different about it is the fact that it allows you to search for good restaurants by entering in your craving. That’s right, if you feel like a creamy cheesecake, or a vegan salad or just some fine wine, Foodspotting can take to the places that serve the best of them.

9. Google Drive

You know how they always tell you to move to the cloud? Well, in this increasingly mobile world, relying on the cloud is the smart thing to do so that you can access all your important stuff like files and documents from anywhere in the world and from any device. Google Drive is your go-to cloud space for all your business information. You can edit, share and review work from anywhere you want.

10. Asana

Asana is an app that lets you keep in touch with your team and track work progress while you are travelling. It is like smart manager with which your colleagues and team members can reach you when they need you.

So those were the best travel apps designed to make life easier for you and your entire business. Pick your favourite and head on to your foreign client meetings.

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