6 Fresh Tips and Tactics for Personal Branding

As the name itself say – “personal” – something that you promote for yourself, as an individual or for your own brand. Yeah! It is branding YOU in total!

Building personal brand is quintessential. But for a while get dicey and skeptical and think, is it important? Really? How to do? What are things to consider in the account? Does it work? No worries all these thoughts and questions can be resolved in a wink. For this, stay with us and keep reading.

Let’s get started a broad understanding of personal branding. In literal terms, you never create a separate brand for yourself, you already own the entity. One just needs a polishing in a strategic way. By definition Personal branding is the process of creating a “mark” or “footfall” around your name or around your career. AND this mark is used to communicate and resonate your capabilities, skills, personality and ethics.

Importance of Personal Branding

Possessing a strong personal branding is an asset for a budding entrepreneur and for the business. Branding yourself is wondrous and helps in promoting one’s own skills set and professionalism. Personal branding is like a “secret sauce” which enables your resume to shine out of the stack of other resumes.
Speaking of resumes, you can use an online resume maker to create a stunning resume and make sure you truly stand out. Another perk of personal branding is that it helps in building credibility for future endeavors to establish you as a person that you dream off or have a passion for! But often not everyone realizes the need of personal branding and has not tried yet seriously. Nonetheless, it is prudent to imbibe personal branding in a proactive way to establish you in the marketplace. There are numerous studies and surveys conducted to show what are the benefits of personal branding and what the entire tactics one shall follow in order to touch the sky one day!

Just to make it easier for you to read, here is a breakdown of best 6 tactics or tips on personal branding –

#1 Rigorous research

For anything and everything in the world, accurate research is essential. When promotion of your own brand or you as a brand, you need to execute proper research and create a niche in the market. Understand the big players, how they are performing, how they are so popular and etc. even if your competitor is a small shot in the market, put a check on him as well – as how in the short span of time the brand has penetrated the audience or its branding strategies and all. Once you are done with market research come up with your “superpower” – on what you are good at or what will be your selling point!

#2 Catchy brand slogan

Brands are aloof without a name or in signage that represents the core values of the brand that helps to promote the brand. Thus, in personal branding give your brand a striking slogan or a punch line to strikes the right chord in the mind of your customers and clients. This point is analogous to the entire chant in the media these days on how a simple brand slogan creates hype on all the media houses, ultimately creating an awareness and popularity. Let’s see some examples – McDonald’s – “ I’m loving It”, Lifehacker’s slogan – “Tips, tricks, and downloads for getting things done.” and many more like these.

The art of personal branding is concise your value proposition of the brand into the best slogan!

#3 Be true to yourself

No sugar coating, No extravagantly high in pitch, no false promises, No fake products, Why all these are a big “NO NO” because people today clearly understand that you are faking it. Try to be true to yourself, and build an audience without being dubious! Invest your time and intelligence in personal branding by knowing your own style and culture. Stand out in the crowd by your own USP. Eventually, your brand will create an imprint in the targeted market.

#4 All-inclusive Blending of the brand

When branding yourself, try to be multifaceted, that blends your style and tone of your brand into multiple arenas and styles. The time of only flashy makeup, red hair, and glossy tone has been faded recently. Today personal branding is more organized and sophisticated. Therefore weave your brand into comprehensive solutions and fields so that the world knows you. For example – if you are branding your own clothing line then try – videos, memos, infographics, tabular charts and some research on the case studies and workflows and so on. The point states that only good content and sharing on Facebook will not work. One needs to be a bit self-obsessed in personal branding!

#5 Diagnosticate the strengths and weakness

SWOT analysis is the backbone for any strategic planning and researched based implementation for any business around the world. By evaluating strengths and weaknesses you would realize the core agenda of the business and will be able to build a narrative personal branding strategy. Why weakness? Ohh Yes! Weakness is too crucial, as without knowing flaws one can’t understand the significance of strengths. Evaluating competitor’s positives and negatives are also imperative for crisp personal branding.

#6 Design your own personal brand facade

DO not forget that personal branding is all about you and your brand. Thus creating and designing your own personal stuff will create a huge impact on the viewers or customers. Moreover, your persona reflects your brand promotion, therefore, determining your emotional appeal, as in what all you like or dislike will help. Now, this may sound crazy but trust us it will help. Additionally, unfolding your inner instinct will bring new insights for your personal branding promotion. These points may sound weird but please exercise them in order to get the optimum results for personal branding. Consider them as raw materials for creating your own brand.

Bottom line

Personal branding is like any other branding but it needs more personal attention and certain nitty-gritty to manage as it reflects your persona. Lastly, be human and open up for business in the market by connecting right customers and stakeholders.

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