Mobile Commerce Trends You Must Know in 2017 – Infographic

Mobiles are in-thing and used in almost all day-to-day life. With increased digitalization, a major portion of transactions taking place through mobiles and establish trends for mobile commerce.

With the help of the current infographic, we can see how m-commerce trends would sustain and grow further in 2017.

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Mobile Payments

Mobile devices, particularly smartphones and tablets are capable of providing various modes of e-payments. People are leaning towards mobile payments due to ease, and convenience and figures support it by exhibiting 48% rise.

Growth of Smartphone Users

Without the growth in the numbers of smartphone users, mobile commerce activities are never spanning further. A Recent forecast for 2017 indicates a sharp increase in mobile users.

Ecommerce Coming from Smartphones

However, the simple rise in numbers of smartphone users never translate into increase mobile commerce activities, the users should take active participations in eCommerce shopping. Recent revenues of eCommerce through mobile devices obviously pointing boost in online sales.

B2B Mobile Commerce

Just like B2C, we have witnessed increased tendencies towards B2B mobile commerce with the more millennials are using mobile apps to purchase products.

Mobile App Market

Market trends always follow buyers, and buyers are on the mobile devices. Therefore, businesses are scrappy to have a mobile presence through mobile application development.
Due to UX and other advantages, mobile users prefer apps more compared to mobile browsers.

Emerging Trends

Recent advancements in technologies are favoring mobile commerce, and some emerging trends are following it in 2017.

MIR (Mobile Image Recognition) Technology

MIR has made product shopping easy by just clicking the image of products from anywhere and find the comparative shopping opportunities.

Video Content

Videos are excellent channels to convey marketing message efficiently. Mobile devices support video watching at the great extent and help marketers to close the deals more.

Augmented Reality Mobile Apps

Some products need testing prior to the purchase and augmented reality can provide an opportunity for it. Virtual Avatar, photos and 3D models are ways to test the product online using mobile devices.

NFC (Near Field Communication) – Enable Payment

NFC grants easy and secure payment method for mobile commerce and NFC enabled mobile devices are the best way to boost m-commerce further in 2017 and beyond.


Fast adoption of mobile devices and eCommerce activities have risen the hopes for mobile commerce based businesses. Recent trends in m-commerce front promising continuation of the trends in 2017 and further.

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