The Dos and Don’ts of Quality Product Design

Quality Product DesignThe intersection of creativity and utility, product design is the perfect playground for imaginative and inquisitive minds capable of thinking both in abstract and practical terms. Ideally, it provides concrete value to our everyday lives while also pleasing our sense of aesthetics.

Product design is neither art, nor science – it is both at once, and therein lie its specific challenges. It primarily has to perform a practical function, but it also has to look good in order to be accepted. Read More

Mistakes You Might Be Committing in Your Own Website Design

Mistakes You Might Be Committing in Your Own Website Design

A website is the heart and soul of businesses these days. People rely on information when they look for a company or a certain product. Where do they get this information from? The website!

A website could be simple yet elegant, or it could be flashy and striking. Some may show tons of pictures, while others may be information loaded. What’s important is that your website fits the products you sell or the information you want to convey and that the people visiting your website will get whatever they were there for. Read More