Laravel Vs WordPress – What to Select and When

WordPress is a popular content management system (CMS) used to create websites using customized themes or developing ideal solutions. Laravel is a PHP framework to develop web applications and many different kinds of websites.

So what is the best platform? Which one should you opt for and when? Let’s have a look at both these technologies and know the difference and their use and benefits here!


Laravel was developed by Taylor otwell. It was first released in the year 2011. There are many inbuilt features in Laravel including localization, views, routing, authentication, models, sessions, and other features. Some other attributes include an inversion of control and a template system like Blade. The newer features control the line interface called artisan. It also supports events, and packages like bundles, built-in support of database management systems.


WordPress Foundation created and developed WordPress. It is coded in PHP. It was first released in 2003. It supports operating systems like windows and Unix-like. It has different features such as a template system and plugin architecture. It is generally utilized for blogs and website management systems. It is quite easy and convenient to manage content and updates or edits in WordPress. There are many plugins available to update the functionality and different themes are there to customize or increase the content and web application.

There are over 35% of websites on the internet are powered by WordPress worldwide. Hence, the most popular platform for website development is WordPress if you are looking for WordPress Enterprise Solutions. You can contact custom web development company for more help.

Laravel, on the other hand, is slowly growing and many more web apps are developed with the Laravel framework.

Apart from WordPress being a PHP-powered CMS and Laravel being a PHP framework, the primary differences between the two platforms are:

  • It is easy to learn WP compared to Laravel development.
  • Laravel migrates and writes database queries more easily than WordPress.
  • Laravel has in-built attributes for authorization, validation, control inversions, etc., While WordPress is based on plugins for most functionalities.
  • Laravel pages upload quicker than WordPress pages because of user-friendly automated tasks and the latter contains too many plugins.
  • Laravel platforms are more secure than WordPress platforms. It has a protection layer against XSS, authorization, reducing CSRF. WordPress, on the other hand, is based on the maintenance of plugins and updates.
  • WordPress is effective with occasional and quick content loads on any website. Laravel is good for custom web design that monitors data management as well as huge systems.

Time to Opt for WordPress

Even though WordPress websites are based on themes, however, you can still create your theme or even make changes to an existing one to your desires.

You need to go through WordPress Codex for the WordPress development process starting from square one because it is the most crucial WP documentation repository.

Things to do with WordPress CMS:

  • SEO-based corporate website
  • A full-featured website for personal or business use
  • A news website, blog, or a platform with a high volume of content
  • An ordinary e-store

If you want to develop an e-store on WordPress, WooCommerce is the best bet. This is because it is a completely manageable and customizable e-commerce platform programmed for offering e-commerce solutions.

WordPress development is the best choice if you wish to develop an optimized, responsive, and high-performing website.

What is the right time to opt for Laravel

Consider Laravel development when you have more complex requirements and want to develop custom web apps with a large volume of data.

Laravel was created in 2011 with a vision to help developers who dealt with complex tasks and make them easier. This is the reason this framework is fixated on straightforward and flexible syntax coding.

Laravel can be used best for:

  • Complex web apps.
  • Dynamic sites with easy and flexible admin panel
  • Membership-based portal generating a large volume of information.
  • Large e-store with a wide range of products.

Laravel contains a unit-testing feature for multiple, progressive tests and stabilizes the web apps. Additionally, its idealistic MVC system makes this platform a very effective web development platform.

Go through Laravel’s website to gain more detail and to start developing a Laravel website and acquire the documents needed for your Laravel Enterprise Solutions. Or else you can also hire Laravel experts.

Performance comparison between Laravel and WordPress

Laravel development is fast. It is an improved framework. Writing the database queries in Laravel gets easier because of the eloquent integration into the framework. The Laravel framework would otherwise lag. Hence, it is good to use Laravel to ease things and make better use of them. For this, you can hire a professional Laravel Development Company to make the best of this framework.

WordPress development is mainly slow because there is too much utilization of plugins. However, if you are using stronger and better-coded plugins, the performance rate of WordPress will increase. The speed and performance of WordPress rely completely on plugins. It is also cheaper and performance loads are decreased for blogs and small applications. WordPress performance can become quite slow and it can be difficult to maintain the load if the users are increased.

Can Laravel and WordPress combine?

Laravel can indeed be combined with WP and these two platforms can work together. You can manage the backend admin board through WordPress and frontend via Laravel.

The best way to get the benefits of this fusion is through a collection of PHP tutorials called Corcel. It is developed on Eloquent mechanism from Laravel and it is open-source. It helps developers to acquire codes directly from a WordPress data repository.

WordPress and Laravel amalgamation can be quite useful for programmers who depend on WordPress CMS for maintaining complicated tasks.


The difference between Laravel and WordPress is that the former is a framework and the latter is a Content Management System. You need to learn object-oriented programming to both write the code and create the web application to use Laravel. Laravel and WordPress are both written in PHP but the important thing is that this software can be used for various purposes.

Laravel and WordPress both have their merits and demerits, however, both are quite useful in their usages and expertise. Hence, the selection of technology is based on the future vision. Hire a Custom WordPress Development Company for your next project to get the most out of it.

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