Small Business for Students: 7 Startup Ideas

Startup ideas for students

Being a student is great. You finally get to deal with your life yourself, you change the setting, you make tons of new friends with keen interests, but best of all – you are free! The only drawback is all the stress. Not only do you need to struggle through your studies while still cutting some time for yourself – to go out with your friends, engage in your hobbies, etc., but for most of us – financial implications arise from time to time. (more…)

6 Tips from Entrepreneurs Who Grew Start-ups into Successful Businesses

The term startup was a term associated with an old garage or warehouse crammed with rudimentary small business infrastructure. It brought up memories of burning the midnight oil, a big sense of pride and a not too impressive bank balance to begin with. Every organization from Apple to Microsoft has followed this way and went to make waves in the global market. (more…)