4 Types of Business Insurance to Protect Your Startup

startup business insurance

Protect your startup business to ensure that your passion that you have worked so hard for is safe, every business is unique and being your own boss is the most rewarding and challenging role – if anything was to go wrong then you need the correct tailored insurance to protect you and to ensure that everything is covered should you come into an unfortunate situation.  (more…)

Small Business for Students: 7 Startup Ideas

Startup ideas for students

Being a student is great. You finally get to deal with your life yourself, you change the setting, you make tons of new friends with keen interests, but best of all – you are free! The only drawback is all the stress. Not only do you need to struggle through your studies while still cutting some time for yourself – to go out with your friends, engage in your hobbies, etc., but for most of us – financial implications arise from time to time. (more…)