How Can Startups Acquire The Best Candidates From Job Portals?

HR management is a vast subject that has constantly evolved for decades. It includes numerous concepts and practices for better administration of an organization, though recruitment functions have always been at the top of the priorities of an HR manager. Whether it is conventional personnel management or the modern world HR management, the responsibility of hiring skilled candidates remains the same. Additionally, the changing business practices and candidate requirements make it even more difficult for managers to fill the vacancies.

The growing competition makes it hard for almost every business to get skillful applications for vacant posts. Also, the company requirements are getting higher and higher in terms of qualifications and expertise, so the scope gets narrowed down there. However, there are prominent job portals that help recruiters quickly find qualified candidates and their contact information; or they might help to reach out to candidates effortlessly. Some even allow managers to handle the entire hiring process in the job portal itself, so the workload gets reduced and time can be saved.

Job portals are also beneficial for startups as they provide cost-effective hiring assistance to them. And in the competitive market where almost every company strives to fill vacancies, job boards provide skilled employees and contribute to the startup growth. Job portals also help them to create a compelling employer brand so that they can set a valuable reputation among job seekers.

Tips For Hiring Professionals To Leverage Job Portals

The image clearly indicates the importance of job portals as they hold more than 50% of the share in the online recruitment market. Also, the trend is showing constant growth with time, so we can say that job portals will remain an essential tool for recruiters for at least the next 10 years. Therefore, hiring managers should know how to leverage the opportunity in the best way to save time and costs. Additionally, the recruiters of startups have to operate within a predetermined budget, so here are some valuable tips that can make the work easy.

Opt For The Right Platform

The most important thing in almost every business process is to make the right choice. Similarly, choosing the proper platform for your job posting will attract qualified candidates, which reduces the time consumed in the selection process. There are various job portals to select from; they are regularly visited by diverse job seekers. Therefore, it provides you with a large scope for almost every job profile.

Hiring from niche job boards for a particular position can also help as they are full of suitable skills. Also, most of the niche job boards are location-centric or industry-focused, so it assists the hiring executives in getting already filtered applications.

Craft Engaging Job Description

Job descriptions are the first thing that potential candidates come in contact with. Therefore, they should be effective, informative, and engaging, which can attract more and better candidates. Firstly, you should define the job title clearly; for instance, the vacancy is for a “sales associate,” so using the title “sales ninja” might confuse the job seeker in filtering and considering your post. In brief, jargon should be avoided, and the description should be as straightforward as possible.

A job description should contain all the information that can help a candidate in the selection process. From the location to the requirements – all should be mentioned and experience, too. It eases your selection process as the unqualified candidates are automatically removed from the process. Additionally, you should state the company offerings and what makes you a unique employer.

Polish The Employer Brand

Employer brand is the first and most important thing a job seeker will consider after adding your company to his list. The employer’s reputation speaks more than the job description and offerings because it reflects the true value of working at the company. Therefore, you should maintain consistency of the company message across different recruitment channels and provide an effective value to the potential employees that help to attract them.

Company culture, commitment to staff, and sustainability – are the 3 most emphasized values that influence the candidates’ final decisions. Plus, the company message should be crafted in a way that addresses all the concerns of candidates. The employer brand is your valuable marketing asset that also helps to set an authoritative place of the business.

Promote Your Listing

Timing can be everything in recruitment practices, so promotional efforts make it possible to increase the visibility of job listing on job portals, which can save valuable time. Your site’s career page should be optimized and updated constantly so it gets a higher rank in the search engines. Social recruitment is also gaining importance, so social media channels can also be utilized.

To get suitable applicants, employee referrals are also a notable option. It is a cost-friendly way to get job applications from the human resources who are already at your disposal. You should build a strong referral program with fair incentives and communication lines, encouraging staff members to suggest qualified candidates.

Utilize The Features Of Job Portals

Which recruiter wouldn’t like to get candidate data effortlessly? Job portals ask candidates to upload their resumes and store them in a searchable database. Employers can easily search for their requirements in these databases and contact potential employees easily. In addition, filters make it easy to narrow down the list. It allows the hiring professionals to search for candidates from a specific location, with a particular degree, or with valuable experience.

Many job boards provide employers with a centralized dashboard to track the applicants and progress. Additionally, you can save resumes from their databases for your future needs and manage the entire hiring process right from the platform.

Advantages Of Using Job Portals

As previously said, job portals assist in getting qualified applicants and also build an impressive image of the company as an employer. Apart from that, they also provide some other valuable benefits to hiring managers. Here are mentioned some considerable advantages:

Saves Time And Costs

Hiring candidates requires much time of managers for different activities such as collecting applications, noting details of candidates, interviewing, and selecting the best out of them. Job portals make the work easy to some extent; they streamline the resume collection process and note the details. Some portals also enable interview scorecards, making it even easier for recruiters to select the best candidate, thus, saving time.

The recruitment process needs a substantial amount of money for different purposes, such as job advertisement, third-party recruiting costs, and candidate sourcing. Job boards cut these costs and provide all services in a single platform; however, some premium portals also charge the employers.

Establishes Effective Communication

Recruiters often make a lot of effort to find out the candidate’s contact details. Job portals ease the work for them as they note the contact information of every job seeker on registration. Therefore, recruiters can easily get suitable candidates’ emails or mobile numbers.

Some job boards may even have features for communication. So, the employer does not have to find the data; they can directly message the applicants and communicate with them effortlessly.

Contributes In The Employer Branding

The modern recruiters do not just need to fill the vacancies, but they are also responsible for making an impressive employer brand of the business. It is not easy to get recognized in the competitive era, but job portals make it possible. Job portals contribute to the employer’s image as it represents the company and its offerings. It ensures that the employer stands apart from the crowd and significantly impacts job seekers’ minds.

Some job boards allow employers to create their company page, so the company values, vision, and culture can be defined to candidates easily.


As a startup owner, you should foster unique, innovative, and advanced approaches for business practices. Therefore, the hiring process shouldn’t be any different. Effective strategies and excellent company culture can contribute a lot to the HR departments of startups. And digital advancements are also needed for time saving and efficiency. So, job portals ensure that recruiters hire the best candidates, along with saving time and costs.

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