5 Must-Have Elements of Any Good Backup Strategy for Startups

Starting a new business is precarious enough without adding unnecessary risks to the situation, which would often be the case without any robust backup strategy to protect valuable data and systems that have been created. 

It makes sense to seek professional guidance, such as talking to Perth based IT support services, for instance, to ensure that your software and data systems are suitably protected. 

It is also a good idea to include these must-have elements in your backup plans. 

Leave nothing to chance with a regular backup schedule 

It is absolutely imperative that you maintain a disciplined approach to backing up your data. 

Frequent backups mean you can restore any lost data with minimal loss or disruption. Leaving as long as weeks or months between backups will create an unacceptable level of risk when it comes to data loss. 

Create an off-site backup solution 

Many savvy business owners understand how critical it can be to have an off-site backup option. 

If your physical business premises are damaged it will also mean that your data could be vulnerable in that scenario. 

Creating a backup of your data that is away from your main business premises allows you the opportunity to restore what you have lost in a worst-case situation. You can even contact a professional for this, look for one that offers offsite record storage services like Corodata.

Make full use of what the cloud has to offer 

It is advisable to cover all bases when it comes to creating a series of robust backup protocols.

 Another essential element of this plan would be to arrange a cloud backup facility. 

Using a suitable third-party cloud-based backup option will mean that you have all angles covered if you find that you need to rescue and restore data that has been compromised or lost.

 Focus on good security measures 

Even if you are a startup business you should not make any assumptions that you won’t be targeted by hackers. 

Talk to IT professionals about data security measures. Knowing that your data is being protected from malware and is kept free of viruses will give you a solid platform to work from as the business grows and your IT needs expand. 

Maintaining a consistent focus on applying excellent data security measures will help keep your data as safe as possible. 

Regularly test your backup measures 

It is never a good idea to make assumptions that your backup systems will actually work when called upon to restore data. 

As part of your regular backup plans and procedures, it is highly advisable to test your ability to restore data. 

You can do this by routinely checking that your backups and restore options are working without any issues. 

It is never a good idea to find out that your restore won’t work because of a problem that could have been identified and resolved with a test backup. 

If you can apply these essential security measures as the foundations of your backup plans it should allow your startup to focus on growing the business with a degree of confidence that your data is protected.

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