11 Takeaways from Disney Marketing Campaigns

Disney, the father of the fantasyland for people from different generations is not alone a conglomerate but the inseparable part of each child grown up seeing the Disney characters. There is something about this multinational conglomerate which makes it be deep-seated in the minds of people across the world.

Often, many business organizations limit their marketing to their profit motive but here we have to. It is alike the inseparable part of our lives. Learn from Disney that marketing is beyond profit. Profit making is primary but to take the glued seat in the heart and mind of people, it is basic to establish a connection that passes from generation to generation.

Here are the takeaways from Disney’s different marketing campaigns:

1. Tinkles and Jingles-Tunes in the Brain

We are grown up singing the songs and jingles from different Disney feature films and television series. It is alike the inseparable part of our lives.

Marketing Campaign: Jungle Book and many others

Marketing Tip: Build connection by sitting deep into the minds of the audience by circulating the simple and easy to sing parodies and jingle that are remembered in the entire life.

2. Knock the Door of Head of Families

Disney is primarily about catering the interests of children but the conglomerate thinks beyond this basic rule. It knows that to get into the house of each child you have to take permission or convince parents or the guide. So that’s how Disney takes the back door route and circulates campaigns which get the nod of parents.

Marketing Campaign: Healthily Ever After

Marketing Tip: Disney featured and promoted healthy eating and exercise in its programs. It tied the knot with Public Health England on NHS, USA Swimming and Change4Life programs under campaign for Finding Dory which has added more credibility to their intention of promoting good health.

3. Spreading the Fun with Tweets, Memes and Cross Promotion

Disney has seen the dynamic changes over the time since it was born almost a century ago in 1923 and the reason which makes it to touch sky is to remain adaptable to change. In today’s time when entertainment and fun are the platforms on social media through facebook posts, tweets, memes and multiple channels, Disney goes with same to market its films and series.

Marketing Campaign: Star Wars and Others

Marketing Tip: Promotion through social media and cross promotion

4. Cashing the Nostalgia

The Disney idea of remain integral part of generations is to not letting the grownups to forget the Disney characters. It will always be in their vicinity through different modes such as comebacks.

Marketing Campaign: The Jungle Book

Marketing Tip: Allow the comeback of the products/services (here the characters) to cash on the new generation and glued the older one.

5. Making the Audience to Fall in Love with Brand

When a brand is sustained and grows with its target, it cements a relation with them. What Disney did is giving reasons to its audience how that brand contributes to their lives through different ways.

Marketing Campaign: Oh my Disney

Marketing Tip: The campaign featured the Disney TV series, feature films, theme parks, merchandise, behind the scene stuff and lot more that builds a connection with the target audience.

6. Embracing the Charisma of Celebrities

The Disney is a big conglomerate and it knows how to multiply its fans by cashing the fans of celebrities that house the hearts of their fans. It will definitely help Disney to get more followers and fans from different interests.

Marketing Campaign: Disney Dream Portraits

Marketing Tip: Disney portraits the photographs of Hollywood stars with their animated characters and boost up the fun of their fans and multiplied their number.

7. Getting More Profiles Data to Knock

Disney has theme parks and it introduced the idea of Magic Bands that enabled the company to get the details of their visitors and it used for their further marketing for forthcoming projects.

Marketing Campaign: Magic Bands

Marketing Tip: Using the data of visitors and spreading awareness of brand products and projects by addressing through their social media profiles and establishing a connection.

8. Teasing with Merchandize

This has been the old and frequently successful policy of teasing the audience with merchandise. It helps in automatic marketing as it plays with the interest and curiosity of the coming film/tv series.

Marketing Campaign: Frozen and Other Films

Marketing Tip: Fuel the interest of audience by introducing merchandize of the characters of the feature film and use it as a marketing tool.

9. Social Media Warmth

The social media platform is incredibly used by Disney by establishing personal connections with its audience and customers. It publishes the post and responds to the experience of the visitors to Disney Park. It helps in getting the right feedback and creating memories of the experience.

Marketing Tip: Cater to customers with the personal connection through social media.

10. Brand Stories that Roots Different Generations

Disney knows how to make the best use of emotions and relationships in a positive manner. It is often seen that generally brands produce a product or service and then create a story around it to sell it. However, Disney follows the reverse trick by first creating a brand story and then selling the merchandise around it.

Marketing Campaigns: Most of the Disney Feature Films and Television Series

Marketing Tip: Build long term relations and reason to buy merchandise with a story that connects it with customers.

11. Marketing Products that are Compatible with Sharing

In today’s social media age the pulse of any marketing campaign is sharing the word about the product/service of the brand on these decks. And Disney takes a step ahead by making sure that ads and marketing campaign should be compatible for sharing. For instance, if you see a jingle of the feature film that you find it interesting you would automatically share it, the short teasers that excite you and which are compatible.

Marketing Campaign: Jungle Book and Other

Marketing Tip: Spread the Campaign which excites audience to share it.



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