Bagged Packaged Goods and its Benefits

Why Are Americans Picking Bagged Packaged Goods over Products packed in Cans and Jars?


Americans love convenience; we want everything to be mildly packed (without compromising on product quality) and delivered quickly for use.

Bagged packaged goods tick all those boxes. Not only are they convenient to carry, but they can also be easily unwrapped without any instrument.

According to U.S Environment Protection Agency’s 2018 report, 32.1 million paper boxes were recycled out of 33.9 million tons of paper. This shows that bagged packaged products are not only making American lives better but are also reducing the overall size of waste in landfills.

Now that you know why bags are considered to be a viable option over jars and cans, let us look at some of the types of bagged packages:

1. Recyclable polythene bags 

Unlike jars and cans with no air passage, polybags are loosely packed. Thus, increasing the shelf life of non-perishable products.

2. Sealed foil bags

These bags are tightly sealed so that moisture can be kept out. As a result, they are ideal for perishable food products that are kept in a vacuum. For example, tea and coffee will likely stay fresh if kept in a sealed container.

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3. Breathable cotton bags

Cotton bags are ideal for keeping freshly bought vegetables, fruits, and other solid commodities. Being breathable, fabric cotton allows easy passage of air inside the bag at the same time protecting the commodities from dirt, dust, and moisture in the air. In addition, these bags are affordable and recyclable.

4. Printed jute bags

If someone is looking for a viable alternative to cotton bags, then jute bags are their best bet. You can also be breathable and offer protection from germs outside. Much like cotton bags, jute bags also come in printed form.

Now that we know their types, let us look at some of the benefits of these bags.

Benefits of using bagged packages


1. Convenient to carry 

People prefer bags that are easy to carry and ship. Even shipping companies find bagged packaging easy to deal with since it is much more flexible to store.

On the other hand, rigid steel containers occupy much more space while transportation. That is why it is not an economical option. The manufacturers also charge higher prices since steel is costlier than paper or cotton. Therefore, bagged packaging reduces the overall cost of the product too.

2. Keep goods in a fresh state

We all know how competition is mounting across all business domains. As a result, every business is looking to offer something distinct from its competitor.

Every step you take can be a make-or-break factor for your business. For example, packaging has a deep impact on your customer’s mindset. If your product packaging is easy to unwrap on the spot, it is considered ideal packaging.

Bagged packages also keep products fresh. Unlike steel containers that can react with the product and compromise it, foil and poly bags do not react with the product’s composition. That is why they can keep a product in a fresh state for a long.

Fresh products ultimately lead to customer satisfaction, brand image building, and extensive growth in the long run.

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3. Helps promote products

Businesses spend thousands of dollars annually to find the best promotion strategies to attract customers.

The good news is that bagged packages are great promoters of your product. Not only do people value your efforts toward preserving the environment, but they also find your promotion strategy quite impressive.

For example, if you order a Burger King takeaway, they generally give you burgers in a paper bag with Burger King’s branding on it. This is because paper bags are much easier to carry, open and eat from.

Therefore, bagged packages help promote your business big-time.

4. Best for food items

Bags help keep pests and moisture away from food items. Coming back to our Burger King example, since burgers are in a hot state, they can’t be kept in an air-tight container. That is why loose bags are best to keep the burgers fresh.

Moreover, the bags don’t heat up in the same proportion as food, allowing you to hold them comfortably. On the other hand, steel containers heat themselves in the same proportion as food, making them difficult to carry around.

5. They are reusable

The accumulation of global waste is one of the reasons for climate change. Too much waste produces toxic gasses that are neither healthy for our bodies nor the environment.

Since governments worldwide are trying to reduce their carbon footprint, we can also help play our part as an active society.

Using reusable and recyclable bags will help reduce overall waste accumulation. These bags are made from cotton, jute, plastic, paper, and polythene. The good news is that they are easily available in our nearest grocery stores.

While authorities are playing their hand in preventing Mother Earth’s destruction, businesses around the globe also accommodate reusable bags to arrest the slide.

6. Better quality products

You must be wondering, well, how can packaging influence the quality of products?

Well, bagged packages are cheaper than other types of packaging material. This means businesses do not have to spend a portion of their money buying packaged materials.

As a result, they will be able to allocate more funds in the production process to satisfy customers, ultimately providing better product quality.

Final Thoughts

Product packaging has invoked many past studies, research, and surveys. All of them point toward the importance of customer convenience.

Rigid packaging is going out of trend because they are not easy to break. As a result, the customer is choosing viable options like bagged packaged products.

So, considering the future forecasts and six points mentioned above, we can conclude that businesses in 2022 should opt for bagged packages to brand and present their products.

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