Why You Need To Stay Away From Keto

I have always had my fair share of health and weight struggles throughout my youth. I took onto many fad diets however each cycle would end up making me more chubbier than the previous times. Almost on the edge of giving up on my dream to attain a healthy weight, I heard about keto. Almost everyone was talking about keto, curled with some amazing transformations. It felt like an amazing opportunity to reduce weight while still enjoying what I enjoyed the most. I mean I was getting to eat blocks of cheese each day everyday!

As I took off, I drastically shed some major pounds. The first month I lost 10 pounds. Now that was something. However as I kept on continuing my keto diet I experienced more breakouts, acid burns and smelly sweats. I even felt more agitated and hungry all the time. I couldn’t understand my condition until I met up with a general physician in Lahore. As soon as he learnt about my keto diet he asked me to stop my keto diet immediately.

Here is what I learned about keto diet

The main reason why keto was introduced was to help overly obese people with losing some initial water weight to get started in their longer weight loss journey. It was also used as a form of specific diet to help children with epilepsy. The results that yielded were positive which is why many people introduced this as a form of diet to help them with their diet issues.

However, according to my physician, keto diet is not sustainable in the long run. Rather making healthy life choices that becomes a part of your routine is something people should go for. Regardless, if you are considering using keto diet. Here is why you should not.

#1.  You Lose Water Weight

All those amazing pounds you shed at the start of your diet. Guess what? It was all a spam since it was simply your water weight. Lisa Cimperman, R.D.N., a clinical dietitian at University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio, stresses upon this. According to her;

“Once your body enters ketosis, you also begin to lose muscle, become extremely fatigued, and eventually enter starvation mode. Then it actually becomes even harder to lose weight. Keto diets should only be used under clinical supervision and only for brief periods. ”.

#2. There is zero gain of muscle

You guessed it right, it doesn’t build any muscle. A complete elimination of the food group, there is no muscle building in keto. It may not be losing your muscle either but at the end of the day you gain no muscle mass This is important if you want to transition towards a healthier lifestyle. It is certainly not an optimal choice for someone who is trying to gain muscle.

#3. It is unhealthy for your heart

As I said there is no muscle mass and since your heart is nothing but a profusely working muscle, you can imagine the effects it can have on your heart. When I started I would often see people with strict keto diets with loaded fatty ingredients. That is a big NO NO if you want to adopt a healthy lifestyle in the long run.

#4. You stink!

Oh well, I have been a personal victim of it so I know.

Consuming a lot of fats will actually make you sweat more and more. Due to the obvious reasons of consuming something pure fat, your glands will be working twice harder while your metabolism is burning your calories. The end result? You stink!

#5. Side Effects of Ketogenic Diet

There are some major side effects of ketogenic diet if you look into it. Many people are unaware of the right kind of fats for their health. While consuming a pure fat diet there can be a lot of health problems in the long run. For instance, the horrible cases of ketogenesis was a fast metabolism in a woman that led her to an evercare hospital. Here are some of the side effects that you will feel once you start a keto diet.

  • Stomach upset issues
  • Low energy
  • Dizziness

The Endnote

Accept yourself the way you are. Just because society tells you to be a certain way you don’t have to put yourself into a difficult mold and endanger your health. next time you see a transformation claiming about the goodness of keto diet. You simply scroll from the post right away.

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