Why Losing Money By Not Using Ayurvedic Pigmentation Creams?

Discoloration due to hyperpigmentation bothers a lot. We try to find the best pigmentation cream in India to overcome this condition. The discoloration is a discomforting situation that brings embarrassment and gives birth to the obsession for fair and clear skin. A patch on the face darker than the natural skin tone is a consequence of the over secretion of the brown pigment melanin. Its causes are:

Inflammation due to acne breakout, eczema, bug bites, scratch or cuts cause increases the pigment-producing cells and leaves behind dark spots.

Sun Exposure triggers melanin production, breaks the UV rays defending cells and causes tan. It is not harmful but may become the reason for blemishes.

Melasma occurs during pregnancy and also known as the mask of pregnancy. It is caused due to sun exposure, hormonal changes and genetics as directly linked to the use of oral contraceptives.

Medical conditions such as adrenal gland disorder become the cause of melanin production. Certain drugs or antibiotics cause hyperpigmentation.

This undesirable condition of dermatology patients causes significant psychological distress. The concentration of melanin pigment and type determines the skin coloration such as pheomelanin causes yellow-red pigment while eumelanin is liable for black-brown pigment. Both types of melanin are the formation of melanocytes and transported to keratinocytes for the distribution. The main function of melanin is to protect the skin cells from UV rays and eliminate the reactive oxygen species. 

This skin darkening or pigmentation treatment is determined on its cause. Rather than going under skin lightening treatment, it is recommended to add Ayurvedic pigmentation creams in skincare regime and oral administered natural extracts, vitamins and supplements. Still, some steps can help to correct these dark spots. Find below mentioned scientifically proven skincare steps to lower the risk of pigmentation. 

#1: Skin Moisturizing Brings Wondrous Cell Regeneration

Pigmentation problems occur due to the higher production of melanin in the skin cells. It results in dark patches and spots. Lightening dark spots becomes the primary goal that should be done with beneficial ingredients containing Anti-Pigmentation Face Cream. Licorices, Papaya, Willow, Aloe Vera, Gooseberry and Margosa are some of the Ayurveda inspired herbal solutions that boost cell turnover. These active herb extracts brighten the dark spots and moisturize the cells deeply. The active agents of these ingredients work effectively to restore the skin’s lipid layer. 

#2: Don’t Pick the Insect Bites, Pimples or Blackheads

Many times elders ask us not to pick, scratch mosquito bites or squeeze a blackhead. It increases the inflammation that causes discoloration and dark spots that look worse. The pigment in brown spots moves deeper over time. Hence, it becomes necessary to treat, before it gets worse. Pigmentation Face Cream contains ingredients enriched with vitamin C like licorice reduces the hyperpigmentation. This key ingredient inhibits tyrosinase enzyme, liable for the formation of skin-darkening melanin. It may take a few weeks or months to lighten the skin, but it ensures permanent removal of pigmentation symptoms.

#3: Diet Supports Pigmentation Treatment 

Amazed to know it! But it’s true. Diet plays a significant role to prevent and minimize the risk of pigmentation. As per Ayurveda context, foods such as pomegranate, green veggies and papaya help to get high-quality nutrients which keep cells regeneration balanced. Healthy nutrients from diet balance the core functions and prevents the effects of UV rays and external factors. Antioxidant enriched diet prevents inflammation and reduces oxidative stress. This natural way to eliminate the pigmentation problems takes time but recovers the condition from its depth.

#4: Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Sun-induced discoloration can be correct with SPF 30+ broad-spectrum sunscreen. It stops the UV rays to imbalance the melanin production. Prevention can help to avoid fatal consequences like Pigmentation or Melisma. Dermatologists suggest wearing sunblock or sunscreen daily even on cloudy or cold days. Always pick gentle skincare products that suit your skin types.    

Is Skin Lightening Creams Safe To Use?

Topical skin lightening and pigmentation cream lotions are prepared with chemical agents which are illegal to the compound. Creams for fairness may provide better results to enhance the glow, but it may also cause worse consequences for the long run. The reason is its result in the form of damaged health. Hydroquinone is one of the chemical-based compounds which are banned in some of the European countries. This component raises the risk of cancer. Hence, it is not legal to use in medication. Mercury, arsenic, cobalt, chromium and nickel are some of the main ingredients that are harmful for the long run. 

Fortunately, we have Ayurvedic Pigmentation Creams, inspired by the ancient wisdom therapy for the well-being. As already discussed, plant extracts are boon if used as topically and consumed raw. Grape Seed extract, licorice, pomegranate, pine bark extract and vitamin C containing fruits and veggies help to balance the melanin production and prevent cell damage. Ayurveda inspires human well-being to move forward from chemicals to the holistic approach to live a balanced life. It has enabled us to reveal the unique physical, mental and emotional health.   

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