Is HONOR Speaker Worth Buying

This is HONOR Rubik’s Cube Bluetooth speaker, which is called “subwoofer” by HONOR CEO. So, what surprises did this subwoofer bring us? Is buy HONOR Mini Speaker the best choice for consumers at this price? Let’s learn about the magic of this Bluetooth speaker.

HONOR Rubik’s Cube Bluetooth speaker is designed as a small cube. Raspberry red is matched with high saturation and has youthful flavor. The size of the sound box is 54*54*55mm and the weight is only 118g.

At the same time, the outer layer of the speaker is covered with a layer of silica gel. This enhances the protection of the speaker. It makes the speaker feel better. In addition, this layer of silica gel can be removed. You can change colors and patterns according to your preferences to create your own speakers. This provides more choices for young users seeking individuality.

It has only one multi-function button on the front and the Micro USB interface on the back is wrapped in a silicone rubber dustproof plug. At the top is the entire speaker grid. The corner part reserves a hole for the hanging rope. It is convenient for users to carry and place.

The speaker has a 3W full-frequency speaker, covering a frequency of 50-25000Hz. This makes the dynamic effect of sound more significant. The direct feeling is that the sound is transparent, powerful and penetrating. What is even more surprising is that at the bottom of the speaker, when you turn over the speaker, you can see that the bottom of the speaker is designed with a separate bass diaphragm. This is a way to ensure the sound quality of the speaker under this compact design.

If users have two HONOR Bluetooth Mini speakers at the same time, they can unlock their unique dual-combination stereo games anytime and anywhere to form their own small home theater. In this way, you can enjoy a more immersive movie experience.

The dual stereo mode of HONOR Mini Bluetooth speaker is similar to today’s real wireless Bluetooth headset. In the boot mode, the user can select any speaker as the main speaker. Double-click the function key to enter TWS (Real Wireless Stereo) matching mode. As long as the other speaker is in the matching mode, it is connected without connecting other devices. The default speaker is on the left. If the user wants to exit the TWS match, just double-click the function key again.

This feature uses higher frequencies than expected. The HONOR Mini speaker itself is easy to carry. A group of people can combine only two small speakers to bring better music experience. Whether you watch movies with a projector or do sports while playing music, it is a good choice.

For most consumers, the sound quality of fever speakers is good, but the price is expensive. However, low-cost speakers cannot satisfy a higher level of experience. However, this HONOR Mini speaker is not only low in price, but also has good sound quality, which may be a good choice.

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