Why Engagement Rings Go on the Ring Finger

Western countries use the left-hand ring finger for engagement rings. But has it always been this way? When buying your Vancouver diamonds, you might want to know how the tradition started.

Why do some people wear their engagement rings on either hand? What’s the significance of wearing it on the ring finger? What is the meaning of this tradition?

Some couples want to try something new. But if you’re not familiar with the tradition, why not find out how it began? Learn more about the ring finger and its connection to engagements.

What Putting Engagement Rings on the Ring Finger Means

When you’ve got your diamond rings Vancouver, you’ll have to decide where to wear them. Some people like to follow the old ways, while some like more modern beliefs. So how did the tradition of wearing your engagement ring on the ring finger start?

One of the most popular beliefs about the ring finger is that it had a vein that runs “directly” to the heart. This is why the ring finger serves as a symbol of a couple’s love and devotion. This is sometimes called the vein of love.

From a scientific perspective, there’s no such vein at all. But people still love the origin of the tradition anyway.

Why Choose Diamonds as Your Engagement Ring?

You won’t run out of choices when you buy your engagement rings. This is because there’s plenty of options out there. But why are diamonds popular as engagement rings?

  • Diamonds have become a perfect symbol of unending love
  • Diamonds are being seen as symbols of commitment between couples
  • Diamonds also portray everlasting love because of its durability as a gem
  • Diamonds are unique from one another, making each rare and special

Another tradition when it comes to engagement rings is that it’s the women who wear the rings. This was being seen as a sign of a woman’s acceptance of the man’s proposal. But this is not part of the rule. Even men can wear engagement rings if they want to.

Wearing the Symbol of Your Love

“I should look for engagement rings near me“. This is one of the first things you do when you plan on a proposal. It doesn’t matter where you want to wear your engagement rings. It’s fine if you believe in tradition and it’s fine if you wish to follow other customs. The important thing is that you and your partner have a symbol of your love and devotion towards each other.

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