How do Management Consulting firms do in Digital Marketing?

Organizations hire management consultancies for good reasons. They might be needing an outside advice to ensure that the path they are following is the right one, because sometimes huge chunks of money is involved. Sometimes, the cost of getting it done in-house is more than getting it done by the consultants. Management consultants also help businesses improve their performance and grow by solving problems and finding new and better ways of doing things. Management Consulting firms deliver high intellectual value and can help their customers escape the status quo of growth stagnation.

So how do Management Consulting firms find their Customers?

The most classical way is by asking for referrals from people they know, like and trust them. This can be through ‘cocktail parties’, clubs or other local networking. Another way to gain revenue is to reach out to past and current clients. Sometimes a Partner Program and referral process is used. 

Or, also a known route is to create a strategic partnerships with organizations who need help serving their clients. Cold calling and LinkedIn outreach is sometimes also on the menu. All these ‘classical ways can be found on the below BLUE line in the graph.

path of digital growthOnly very skilled firms like Rodller can help Management Consulting firms to move from the green to the blue line. In order to scale up the number of prospective conversations, there is no other way then to become a leader in the digital space. Rodller is able to provide a clear Digital Strategy that will contribute to more Digital Trust, Digital Reputation and of course real prospective conversations. Management Consulting is all about trust. Most Management Consulting firms know how to create human trust during their prospective calls and meetings, but sadly, the often lack the digital trust. This is a real problem, because a high Digital Reputation can lead to more prospective meetings, and shorten the actual sales cycle. Last but not least, the prospective conversations are often more ‘warm’ and targeted.

Management Consulting firms need to accept their current Digital Reputation and make a long term plan to improve it. Brand recognition and brand reputation are, in this world, key parameters for Customers to take that first prospective call.

Rodller works with Management Consulting firms in order to create an eco-system of digital ‘achievements’. We need a clear Social Media strategy, with good content and strong publishing discipline. In line with that Rodller offers a ‘Content is King’ long term roadmap. Blog writing and other routes of content publishing is particularly important for Management Consulting firms. Besides creating traffic through content, Rodller also provides very profound conversion strategies. Conversion determines the lead processing from your Digital investment. Frankly, the more inbound leads you get, the more your organization will grow. The scalability can only be achieved through digital. Traffic is great, but conversion is thus equally important. To keep an eye out on conversion ‘success’, Rodller creates a culture of metrics. We measure everything, why they came in as traffic, and why and when they left. This allows a continuous process of optimization. 

Rodller has seen one very important recurrent problem at Customers. The connection between ‘Digital Culture’ and ‘Sales Culture’. Inbound leads represent a sales cycle and if many, a sales funnel. Managing a sales funnel and it’s individual cycles, is a whole different process in itself. Rodller helps by providing  pragmatic tools to report on your sales cycle and learn how much the sales is closing, compared to the inbound prospective conversations. More importantly, Rodller creates a smart flow between new prospects and the management of the sales funnel.

Management Consulting firms consult their Customers on many complex holistic topics. Rodller consults Management Consulting firms on specifically their Digital Strategy.

About Rodller (Should be the same for each future Blog)

Rodller represents a team of specialists that take pride in launching new Digital ideas. We want to bring value to our Customers by connecting the dots between PPC, Email marketing, Social Media Marketing, Copywrite, SEO, content marketing, design and Digital PR. With Rodller, you get a team of Digital Marketing experts, Digital Processes, Designers, Content writers and Project expertise at a fraction of the costs. Rodller knows how to build Digital Trust, create inbound traffic, optimize conversion and monitor progress. Rodller serves as your ‘Digital Marketing-as-a service’ Partner.

Rodller is based out of Monaco and Bratislava.



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