Instagram Reels! Create the Best Mirror-Video Using these Back Covers

Instagram reels daily bring a new trend for content creators. Every person-be it a boy or girl- wants to catch a newly evolving trend as soon as it grabs millions of likes on that popular social medial platform. However, for many, it is pretty easy. A few key-pointers and their video are all set to take every copied-trend by storm. But for many, a decent learning is essential. Mirror-video in the mainstream is ahead of all such trends. Beyond a doubt, if you are also planning to dominate it, then these back covers will undoubtedly help you exceptionally well.

9 Brilliant Mobile Cover Ideas

A mobile back cover can work as a promotional trick for all those people who seek a little push that draws millions of likes on their single post. If you also aspire to master this new form of trend, below, we bring you some exceptionally brilliant mobile cover ideas that will present your video more dramatically on the Instagram reel.

Never Give Up

It would be best as soon as you get inspired from this stunning mobile cover. If you are planning to create a motivational Instagram reel, consider this little but genuinely influential thing. This mobile cover will certainly help you set a strong impression on this latest mirror trend.


“Karma” the word sounds a bit dramatic, but this unquestionably looks more appealing to the mind as the way it has been featured on this phone back cover. This mobile cover will undoubtedly work like a miracle to gain millions of likes and views on your video with a minute for revenge content. Your mirror-trend will turn out more catchy with this secret weapon.

Jaake Puch mere Baare Mein

“Jaake Puch Mere Baare Mein” is the best message to those who take you lightly. You can include this mobile cover in your mirror video if your videos are more about motivation. Even though you wish to highlight your staple swag fashionably, go with this mobile cover that indeed looks wonderful with that smartphone you are holding in your hands.

If You are BAD, I’m Your DAD

Again, your video will dominate other videos following the same mirror trend; just attach this cover on your smartphone’s back. It will look fabulous. Your appetite for grabbing more likes on your Instagram reels will meet the end once you come up with catchy content and include this statement piece as a dramatic add-on.


Showcase your “SANSKAAR!” moves and expression through this double-meaning phone cover that is actually a beast. Play that camera and start your mirror-recording and let this cover empower your content. The black hues are adding staple vibes to this dramatic piece of art. Both boys and girls can use this cover to add more flavours to their Instagram reels.


You can’t forget this hipster mobile cover. Even though your content isn’t that appealing, but this comical mobile back cover will work as a dramatic punch for your video. Yellow and Grey fusion and an emerging guy’s facial expression in goggles and moustaches are the more attractive feature of this mobile cover.

Tu 13 Dekh

‘Tu 13 Dekh’, young content creators unquestionably possess high familiarity with this comment. Beyond a doubt, the design of this mobile cover reflects multiple meanings and targets numerous emotions. That makes a good reason that you’ll receive multiple ideas for content creation with this stylish yet helpful mobile gear.

Naam Bante Hai Risk Se

If you want your viewers to burst out with laughter and happiness, use this weapon as a critical ingredient in your video and see how the followers’ count surges. However, the content selection is up to you; whichever style and role you would love to play with this quirky mobile cover, it will automatically turn out more beautiful with this powerful thing.

Venom  Mobile Cover

This redmi 9 prime back cover will help you a lot in adding a wicked flavour to your Instagram reels whether you want to play a prankish role or seek some dominating style in your video content. Use this Venom mobile cover and see how you outpace the mirror-trend with ease.

The Bottom Line

If you also dream of getting featured among the top content creators on the social media platform, trying these little things will be always worth it. Become a bit creative, and every day get involved with new items and come up with solid content that boosts a sense of excitement in your followers. Your dressing and mobile cover will work as a magical ingredient to amp the quality and style of your video. To buy any kind of quaint stuff that you think can make your video more attractive, visit, as the domain itself shows that the site isn’t less than a treasure for content creators.

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