What is a High Concentration CBD Vape Cartridge and Where do I Find One?

Are you looking to buy a high in CBD vape cartridge? Well, I am here to help you out. There are many choices for what CBD you can vape, but it is important to know the different CBD vape cartridges available so you can figure out what you are actually looking for. In this article, I will explain why a CBD vape oil cartridge is the best option for you if you are looking for a high concentration CBD vape experience?

There are two main types of CBD vape cartridges you can get – lower concentration CBD e liquids and higher concentration CBD vape oils.  CBD e liquids have the same liquid base (so a blend of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG)) as is the case with nicotine e liquids except instead of nicotine, this PG / VG mix is blended with hemp extract or hemp isolate and terpenes for flavouring. Higher concentration CBD vape oils do not use this PG / VG liquid base so are purer than CBD e liquids.  They tend to be made with undiluted hemp extract and blended with natural terpenes for flavouring. This undiluted nature of the hemp oil extract often means that the oil is more likely to contain additional cannabinoids (such as CBG) that will enhance the effects of the CBD (another added bonus!).

Due to the pure vs. less pure aspect of a CBD vape e liquid cartridge vs a CBD vape oil cartridge – there is a significant difference in the strength of the CBD per puff. High strength CBD vape cartridges are usually between 50-70% in strength whereas CBD e liquids are no more than 10%. Therefore, if it is a high CBD strength you are looking for it’s the CBD vape oil cartridges you should be looking to get. On my CBD searches recently, I came across one of the strongest CBD oil carts in the UK – Paso’s 65% Citrus Eclipse (which is their take on an on the classic Super Lemon Haze oil cartridge) – it is 65% CBD + CBG and tastes delicious and smooth!

It is important to remember that if you are smoking a high concentration CBD vape cartridge, you need to have the right vaping device to make sure it vapes correctly. This is because the CBD vape oil in a high strength CBD cartridge is more viscous than CBD e liquids so requires a specific CBD oil vape pen that is more powerful and can cope with heating up the thicker CBD vape oil. So, when choosing your vape pen, you need to make sure:

1) your vape pen is powerful enough (tip here: if you also like vaping e liquids pick a vape pen with variable voltage so then you can use the lower voltage setting for vaping your lower CBD e liquid carts and then higher voltage for when you vape your high CBD vape carts)

2) your vape pen has preheated functionality to warm up the cold CBD vape oil before you begin vaping so that it vapes correctly and tastes better

I actually also bought the Paso vape pen when I was buying their strong cart and this is a great option re: the above – it has preheated functionality, variable voltage settings, looks slick and most importantly is really very affordable 🙂

Well, hopefully, that helps. Shout below if you have any questions. Remember if you’re looking to buy a high strength CBD vape cartridge search for CBD vape oil/distillate cartridges as opposed to e liquids as they definitely pack more of a punch than CBD e liquid cartridges.

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