VPN in Browser vs Software: Positives and Negatives

Many users use VPN services for their day-to-day browsing. As we know we have a wide range of possibilities in this regard. There are free ones, paid ones, some are integrated into the browser, as their own programs… We are going to talk about the latter in this article. We are going to explain the differences between using a VPN in the browser or through independent programs, with their positive and negative points.

The importance of using VPN services

On certain occasions it is very important to use VPN services. We speak, for example, of correctly encrypting our connections when we surf from public networks. Also for teleworking, something that is very present today. It therefore serves to improve our privacy and security on the network.

Over time, these types of tools have been gaining popularity. For example, they are also very useful if we want to access content that may be restricted in a certain country. So we can watch series or movies through streaming services without any problem.

They are, therefore, very interesting services for users and that we can use on all types of operating systems and devices. Now, we are presented with different options such as making use of VPN in the browser or in independent programs. Let’s see its positive and negative points.

VPN built into the browser

There are many browsers that we can use in our day to day. We are talking about one of the main tools to connect to the Internet, visit pages, access services and platforms. All operating systems have a wide range of options in this regard.

Some browsers are more focused on security or privacy. Others may instead have more extensions and plugins available. In short, they offer us multiple functions and possibilities.

We can also come across browsers that have an integrated VPN service. This can be very useful, but it will also have some negative points. On the positive side, we can say that we do not need to install anything else. Simply by having that browser and correctly configuring the VPN we will be able to use it correctly. There are different options like Opera that have this service.

From that moment on we will simply have to navigate and our connection will go through this VPN, in an encrypted way. We can also modify our location, access services that may be blocked in certain places, etc.

But not only are we going to have the option of a VPN integrated into the standard browser, but we can also install extensions. In this sense we have many options available, both free and paid. We will be able to make use of add-ons that help us improve privacy on the network when we browse.

What are the disadvantages of using a VPN in the browser? Undoubtedly the main one is that not all our connection will be correctly encrypted. This software will only act through browser connections, and not with other programs connected to the network or even other browsers that we can use on our computer.

It is also a disadvantage that we do not have too many options. Normally these types of services are usually simpler, they do not have many servers where we can connect or the speed may not be the best.

Standalone VPN program

On the other hand we will have VPN programs that are not part of the browser. It is a software that we can install on our systems, regardless of the type of device we are using.

These tools will offer us more possibilities. They will have more functions available, a more personalized configuration and, ultimately, more usability. It will also have more servers to connect and thus improve speed.

But without a doubt the most positive point is that our entire connection will go through this VPN. This means that it will act on any browser that we have on the installed computer, any program with Internet access.

As for the negative, we can highlight the fact of having to install an additional program. Especially when we are going to navigate from a mobile phone, the available memory may not be very large or that the resources of that equipment are more limited.

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