The Most Common Workplace Issues That Employees Face

For most people work is essential. However, it should also be enjoyable and provide the opportunity to meet other people as well as grow as a person. In many cases, this is exactly what happens. However, no matter how committed the staff, there are always issues that need to be dealt with.

Dealing with these issues effectively makes the difference between a company that is good to work for and one that isn’t. 

Don’t forget, all your permanent employees have the right to see professional help, something that these employment lawyers Melbourne will happily give them.

That’s why employees and employers should understand the most common workplace issues and take steps to deal with them.


When anyone starts a job they feel motivated to succeed, to show the company they are an asset and worth employing. However, in many businesses, you’ll find employees have low levels of motivation.

This isn’t the employee’s fault! An employer must make each employee feel like a valid and important member of the team. This means acknowledging success, providing opportunities for people t move up through the ranks, and ensuring the channels of communication are always open.

Employees feel more engaged when they can voice their opinions without reprieve. The company may be surprised at how beneficial these opinions can be.

Harassment & Bullying

This is something that no employee should face and yet it’s estimated that one in seven women and one in seventeen men suffer from harassment in the workplace.

Employees need to be abet p voice their concerns and for these issues to be taken seriously. The company should also have a policy to handle bullying and harassment.

This will make it easy to follow protocol and avoid the need for an employee to seek professional representation.

Equipment Issues

Many businesses are stretched thin. Profits are low and competition is fierce. This can often mean that employees are left to undertake work with sub-standard equipment or technology. 

While it can be expensive to invest in new equipment, a company will improve employee productivity, happiness, and even the competitive edge.


Employees need to be trained in their job and they need ongoing training to keep their skills up t date and them effective.

Many companies forget about this side of the equation and don’t offer the training employees need. This becomes an issue and can increase staff turnover, as well as making the working experience less pleasant for staff.

Unfair Discipline or Dismissal

There are times when an employee needs to be disciplined or even let go. However, the company must have a clearly defined policy that reflects this. It must also perform a thorough investigation and ensure that the policy is followed.

An employee is entitled to and should get, professional help to ensure they are treated fairly. Failing to follow these procedures is an all too common occurrence and it will damage your reputation.

There are other issues that can be faced. The good news is that a good company ensures the door is always open for employees to voice issues. These can then be taken seriously and dealt with, creating a positive environment for all employees.

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