Use TheOneSpy App For Data Privacy Of Your Company

Your business has staff working out in the field, which means you have to connect with them. You give them company owned mobile phones to make it easier for them to send e-mail, share files, and manage tasks and much more. While the employees are supposed to conduct only work tasks, they may be wasting valuable company time surfing social networking sites or leaking sensitive business information. You need a method to protect your organization from all of these pricey activities.

The solution is Mobile Spy employee monitoring app for mobile phones. This advanced program is set up onto the company owned a smartphone to log activities for example texts, web history, GPS locations, social networking and much more. The employee monitoring app then sends the data for your private viewing account that you could access online from any place.

Use Employee Monitoring to Protect Your Organization

Now that you’ve invested in mobile phones so your employees can work efficiently in the field, you need a method to ensure that they aren’t wasting time on them throughout working hours. Mobile Spy will meet your entire employee monitoring requirements with its full set of control features and seven days each week USA-based phone support. When the app is set up on the mobile phones, after that you can utilize it to learn in case your employees are:

  • Wasting Time Surfing the net
  • Going Places for private Reasons
  • Breaking Social Media Policy
  • Corporate Mobile Phone Management Tools

If you are a professional or business proprietor, you are most likely already conscious that managing your businesses’ mobile phones is a real headache:

  • Multiple operating systems & specs mean there is no single app able to running on all of your devices.
  • The small physical size & mobility indicates mobile phones are easily mislaid or even stolen causing data loss & increasing security dangers.
  • Understanding usage designs are hard, as the data you get from the Network Operators is restricted to month-to-month invoices along with very first indications of data usage at best.
  • Cell phones allow leakage of confidential information – both harmful & accidental.
  • Lack of info & poor controls over company mobile phones is leading to your business to suffer both financially & operationally. TheOneSpy will help you change everything.

TheOneSpy is the next-gen of the smartphone monitoring software program. Do you worry your kid or employee is mistreating their Text message or Internet privileges? Then install the TheOneSpy app directly onto the compatible smartphone, you own and would like to monitor. The program inserts logs of actions to your online account. It is possible to login to your account from the internet browser to see logs. Now appropriate for Android 5.0 Lollipop

Features of Spy app consist of:

# Loss Of Data Prevention

There is nothing more frightening compared to a prospective client of sensitive data strolling out your door. The Brick TheOneSpy Data Loss Prevention component enables you to view as well as block all data through departing your business via email, detachable media, internet forms plus much more. TheOneSpy even shields data saved on local drives, which includes remote laptop computers. And you may personalize your level of safety by way of easy-to-use smart wizards depending on the user, computer or even data type. The system shields your data effortlessly, whether or not your computers are on the network, slightly attached to the internet or even entirely offline.

# Web Filtering

Keep track of as well as filter almost all employee internet activity, which includes in-house staff as well as remote employees. Completely Citrix-ready, the tool TheOneSpy enables you to block or even whitelist specific websites by address or even keyword, or leverage 36 pre-screened as well as sorted URL lists to only implement your organization policies – ideal for limiting access to social media websites. You may also record all websites located and become alerted if chosen websites or website categories are visited. And also you get the tools you have to monitor network bandwidth utilization, determining high usage apps and users.


# Catch Cheating Spouses

You wonder if your wife/husband is having an affair. Know the truth and bring peace to mind along with TheOneSpy.

# Protect Your Kids

Raising a child isn’t an easy or simple task for parents, particularly when your child reaches teenage. TheOneSpy can assist you to be aware of the truth and keep those dangerous things away from the precious children.

# Monitor the workers

TheOneSpy will help you impose employees follow company phone usage policy. You’ll make certain the employees use company mobile for business purpose only.

# Backup phone data

If the mobile is lost or stolen, TheOneSpy can assist you to track down as well as take it back along with GPS tracking as well as Trace Mode features. If the mobile is stolen, SMS, as well as Call features, can provide you with very helpful hints to find the thief.

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