7 Simple Tips to Building a Secure Online Business

Every business seeks security. Be it financial or personal, security is the basic foundation on which a business can confidently build an empire.

Online businesses are mushrooming all over with the digitalisation of the market. But, with an increase in these online portals, there is also a steady rise of cyber criminals who target unsuspecting and vulnerable businesses. Thanks to these cyber criminals and their innovative methods to breach security; there has been quite a number of equally innovative and effective security measures that has emerged to protect a company.

Here are some of the most effective actions that an online business can take to secure itself.

1. Install a Firewall Network

The most basic step towards building a secure online business is to install a firewall network.

What is a Firewall Network?

To put simply, a firewall network when installed, detects potential threats to a company’s security and blocks it. It can also block suspicious sites and restrict the exchange of confidential data.

A company has a lot of important information saved on its network. Having a firewall network will keep this information safe.

2. Strong Credentials

Having strong credentials naturally keep cyber criminals at a check. Secure company log-ins with strong credentials. One can further strengthen the effectiveness of a credential by changing it every three months.

This is a simple step but something that will keep access to an online business secure.

3. Have a Strong Back-up

Whether it is a small business or a large scale one, it is important to have a strong back-up of important data. The best way to have a strong back-up is to store important information in two places. One can also get a backup software exclusively to store data.

Keeping in mind the threat that each business has of losing important information there are many backup options available in the market. Look up for one that suits the company’s needs exclusively.

4. Access Restrictions

It is important to keep sensitive company information restricted. Evaluate and allow access to only those employees who would need it for corporate use.

A company, to be on the safe side, should also keep a track of all the people who enjoy access to important information. This will save the company from the risk of suffering a breach of trust by a seemingly trustworthy employee.

5. Educate Employees about the Importance of Online Security

Ignorant employees in a company are easy targets for smart cyber criminals. They should be educated on the role that they play in keeping company information secure.

How does a management educate employees?

Simply listing out the activities that might put the company’s security at a jeopardy will suffice.

A company can etch the importance of an employee’s responsibility is his/her mind by including in the company policy, a word or two, about the possible repercussions that one might face for a breach of security.

6. Encrypt the Company Devices

In the process of securing the company network, people very often forget to secure the devices that are being used inside regularly. Company laptops, mobile phones, and printers store huge information in their memory; but many a time these devices are left unprotected. Encrypt these personal devices to the core.

7. Antivirus Software

Installing an antivirus software may seem to be a very simple step but it is one of the most effective ways to keep a network safe. There are a lot of software available in the market. Choose one that best suits the company’s needs.

When choosing a software, look for one that has the potential to keep at bay threats like the following:

  • Spyware
  • Viruses
  • Adware and
  • Keyloggers.

Keep in mind that it is not enough to simply install a software. One must regularly check for the software updates and also be up-to-date about new versions of software releases. Cyber criminals do know how to break through the protective shield of an anti-virus software. A company serious about its security should always strive to be a step ahead of these cyber criminals.

Security is an important part that assists in a company’s success. Any breach may lead an unsuspecting, rule-abiding company to a great loss. A company armed with these basic security measures can soar heights of success like a piece of cake.

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