Unlocking Mystical Value of Big Data via Analytics

This is a very competitive era and for each and every business, it is extremely important to break the barriers and move ahead. However, in order to break the barriers grow or the tale any strategic business decisions, the companies have to be fully aware. They have to be aware of the market conditions, their present situation, their history, and their competitors as well as what their future plans should be. Awareness comes from the collaboration of information exchange. Thus, big data as well as the business analytics are considered as the new-age technologies that knock down the silos and help the companies become fully aware.

As, the world has realized the enormous potential of big data analytics services, therefore, as per one of the reports the revenue in the big data field is expected to touch the $189.1 billion mark. This number will only get bigger and bigger in the near future.

What do we know about user behavior analytics? 

Use behavior analytics, as the name suggests is the technique to analyze the behavior of the customers and the target audience. Every organization would be interested in knowing how their users are behaving as based on that information; the organizations can actually drive powerful business strategies. The reports generated after this type of analysis give you the information regarding how the users behave while interacting with your web application, website or the mobile application. Basically, the user behavior analytics software is tracking the users and their actions and it provides very detailed information. It goes beyond the generic metrics like the page views, active users etc. and offers extensive data. The insights show a clear picture about how the users are actually engaging with the product, how they are using different features.

It offers a very thorough understanding of the customers and the target audience. Therefore, the businesses can easily work on their key like the conversion rate, the retention rate etc. Basically, user behavior analysis offers more than just the surface-level analysis.

Let’s shed some light on predictive analytics

Predictive analytics has the power to extract valuable insights from a huge set of structured or unstructured data. The insights or the information that is churned out is used by the businesses to make strategic and efficient predictions for the businesses. Basically, predictive analysis is used to enhance the performance of the businesses as a lot of information is generated related to the user behavior, purchase histories, the performance of the sales and marketing campaigns etc. All these vital parameters are considered to make better decisions for the company.

The main aim of predictive analytics is to boost sales. Also, it plays a major role in helping the marketing teams of the firms to offer suggestions to the customers based on their interests. In fact, predictive analysis also empowers the firms to identify their target clients. Also, the insights help the businesses to stay away from the risks. For example, UOB bank from Singapore has been using the predictive analytics to drive risk management. The finance organizations are mostly always scared of the threats. Thus, they have to be prepared all the time, and big data analytics help them to prevent the treats and prepare for the future. The bank adopted a high-end risk management solution which was centered on big data analytics.

How analytics can help to boost revenue?

Yes, big data can play a pivotal role in boosting the revenue of the businesses. First of all, because of the two types of analytics discussed above, behavior analytics and predictive analysis, the companies would be able to automatically make stronger business strategies. And, if the strategies are strong than achieving success becomes easier.

Gain competitive edge 

One of the most advantages uses of big data is that it allows gaining competitive edge. Any business would like to surpass the competition. And, while surpassing competition, the companies will automatically get more business. Hence, it is an important parameter of growth. Thus, you may also want to perform competitive analysis in order to first understand you opponents and then make plans to win over them.

Also, you would be able to use the data analytics insights to boost the productivity. Businesses can even offer a better employee experience. At the same time, you can take steps to lessen the attrition rate. Additionally, you may want to offer a superb customer experience through the insights generated from user behavior analytics. Also, the companies can generate big data to help them get actionable insights to boost cross-selling. And, most importantly, the Software Development Services businesses can curate special strategies to reduce the cost of the operations in order to amplify sales.

How big data can help to improve the PR? 

Big data has an eminent role to play in enhancing the PR and the reputation of the company. The businesses can collect data related to the current reputation and PR positioning. Also, they may want to collect data related to the customer’s behavior or response towards their brand. Then after churning out the key information from the data, the businesses can devise plans to increase PR and improve the reputation of the business. Basically, the business leaders will get the right direction through big data.

Translating the hidden potential of big data into actionable plans 

This is the core of big data analytics; translating the insights into actionable plans and outputs. After all, all this huge amount of data is generated for the betterment of the company. If the useful information is not churned out from the data, then in that case the data is of no use. Thus, at the end of the day, what matters the most is that the businesses should be able to first create a strategy of data collection. Also, they should be well aware of the reasons of collecting the data, and then only they should go ahead and collect data.

Big data analytics is transforming the world in many ways and it is expected to be used more and more in the near future.

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