How to Care for Granite Countertops

When you are going to choose a new material for the kitchen countertop, it is quite a difficult task. Do you want to go with the cheaper option to save money? Or you want to pick something trendy, and you will love it? You should also think about the maintenance of the material required and how well it will hold up during the daily use. Hence, it is quite overwhelming to make the perfect choice from the options available. If you want something that will look great for years and will last for long with less maintenance, you should choose granite. It is one of the greatest choices for kitchen countertops. Once you install granite tops, you will never regret it.

The kitchen countertops definitely look great. They are sleek, wonderful, and they are long-lasting as compared to other types of cabinet materials available. They look great with the tile backsplashes, and the granite kitchen tops are available in various colors. With lots of color varieties, you can able to pick the best one that will add color to your kitchen. Granite kitchen tops will be elegant and will add value to the property as well. Most of the homeowners are looking for homes that have granite kitchen tops. So, if you want to sell your home in the future with higher value, you can invest in the kitchen tops.

Another reason to opt for the granite countertops is that they are water-resistant. You do not have to worry about the water drainage and damage caused by the moisture. Granite tops are also easy to clean. You have to wipe down the grease with soapy water, and your granite top is clean again. If you are dealing with raw meat or something that can cause contamination on the kitchen top, you can use granite as it can be sanitized too. You can easily cut raw meat on the surface of granite, and it can withstand high temperature.

How You Can Preserve Granite Countertops

As the festival season has come, people start to make plans and cook delicious food. During this time, people tend to spend lots of time in the kitchen, preparing tasty dishes for dinner. This also involves a wine spill or grease that accumulates on the surface of the granite tops. Now the question is why you can remove the oil, grease and dust particles from the surface of granite kitchen tops? Maintaining the kitchen top is very easy. It is one of the reasons homeowners use the granite kitchen top. Here are some of the tips that will help you to keep the granite kitchen top in the excellent condition for years-

#1. Quickly Clean The Kitchen Tops

When you notice a splash of apple cider vinegar or hot chocolate on the granite countertop, clean the spill as soon as it happens. You should not spend time. Just start to wipe the grease as early as possible. Use the soapy water and clean the surface thoroughly. For cleaning the granite top, you do not have to need any special type of cleaner. You just need to have mild soap along with warm water and cleaning will be done. The professionals suggest not using bleach on the granite top as it can be harsh on the stone. When you use harsh chemicals, the surface of the granite top will become dull, and it will look bad as well. The chemicals also tend to weaken the sealant and make the kitchen tops prone to damage.

#2. Removing Stains from The Kitchen Tops

If you notice green or red food colors on the surface of the kitchen top that have converted to stain, use baking soda. You should make a paste of baking soda with water. Scrub the area with the baking soda paste and gently remove it with the towel and rinse the area thoroughly. Apply it several times, and the stain will be removed soon.

3. Resealing is important

If you find that there is a crack in the countertop or the sealant has become old and cannot hold water properly, you should reseal the sealant to keep the countertop in good condition for a longer time.

This is a guide on benefits of using granite countertops and how to preserve the look of the same. Proper maintenance is necessary for kitchen tops.

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