Three Traits of Successful Real Estate Developers

One of the reasons that drive towards a career as a real estate developer is the speed with which it can begin: there are no specific access requirements to undertake it. The work is very varied and dynamic, cantered on relationships and contacts with customers: perfect therefore for those who have a propensity to human contact and look for a work environment in which to develop and affirm their communication skills. Remember then that the real estate developer plays a major role in helping people realize the dream of having home ownership.

In general, the real estate sector offers great opportunities for success and income for those who manage to conclude the right business. He is also very attracted by the prospect of being able to found his real estate agency, becoming entrepreneurs of them and establishing how and when to work.

A good real estate developer understands that there is always a price to pay:

To be a great real estate developer, you need to spend your time practicing on telephone scripts, training yourself through simulations and role-plays on acquisition and sale negotiations, writing effective announcements and thinking about better interviews to qualify the buying customer. You need to invest your financial resources in training, coaching, video courses, and seminars to acquire the tools necessary to make you win the challenges of today’s real estate market.

A great real estate developer can concentrate:

The most successful people have the power to focus on priorities. I am intensely able to do what needs to be done even when the world around them is collapsing. They put distractions aside and focus on the priorities of the day. They finish what they started before moving on to the next activity.

The successful real estate developer accepts nothing less than excellence

For real estate sales, getting good results is not enough. This does not mean that successful real estate developers are sick of perfectionism. A champion knows that there is a fine line between perfectionism and excellence. To perform their job optimally the best real estate developers conduct high-impact presentations of their services to customers, qualify buyers, manage objections, plan their activities, analyze costs and develop leadership that allows them to create a satisfactory income.

Tasks of the Real Estate Developer

The main responsibilities of the real estate developer are:

  • Act as an intermediary between those who want to sell and who wants to buy a house: listen to the needs of the buyer and seller, and try to find a compromise agreement that works for both parties
  • Prepare the publications needed to give visibility to sales and rental announcements – online and offline, for example through websites, social media, paper flyers, print advertising
  • Receive offers, evaluate buyers’ needs and accompany them on visits and property inspections
  • Make valuations and real estate estimates
  • Helping customers with administrative, banking practices necessary for the conclusion of the deeds of sale

The real estate developer also carries out office activities, keeping client records up to date, data on current transactions, and generally keeping track of every activity of the agency. A Toronto based real estate developer from has broken ground, he is working on The One which will be the tallest residential and retail tower in Canada, slated to be 308 meters tall and 85 stories high.

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