Customer Service – It Pays to be Positive

Customer service is not merely a department in any organization. It is an attitude, an approach, a mix of behavior and workmanship. Satisfactory services obtained from those working in this department can leave long-lasting, positive effects on the minds of customers. Given this, the role of a customer service executive or manager can be considered a very challenging one. Irritations, annoyances, and grievances are an integral part of day-to-day operations carried out by the customer service cell. This makes it imperative for the staff in this department to adopt a very positive approach during all client interactions. Let’s see how a positive customer service approach is fast becoming a necessary part of ‘happy’ organizations worldwide.

How to Be Positive in Customer Service 

Successful customer service executives maintain a calm attitude while going about their interactions. They leave no stone unturned to construct solid relationships with customers. In most companies, the customer service cell is responsible for making customers understand that the company is authentic. Denise Mayer from Service Skills ( says that when you practice being positive, you are better able to give a good impression of your company. A positive and helpful approach towards any problem, at all times, ensures that the customers look forward to their touchpoints without thinking twice about calling the company.

It’s not difficult to create such looked-forward-to and positive customer experiences. Though difficult to cultivate and exhibit in the beginning, it becomes a part of the team’s nature to listen to and understand a customer’s problem before offering any suggestion or help. The customer service staff can be conditioned to place themselves in the shoes of the customers, figure out the cause of the complaint or grievance with a positive demeanor, and they work out the way forward. The result can be observed almost instantaneously as the irate customer would find solace in the positivity and gain hope that the problem will be resolved quickly and efficiently.

Why is a Positive Attitude Important in Customer Service?

The main benefit of having a positive attitude at work, or for that matter in every sphere of life, is that it spreads and leaves a profound effect on others. A chain reaction of positivity is triggered off and it becomes easier to mold customer behavior by influencing them with the right words and actions. It’s essential for customer service executives to ignore the negative elements of any interaction and focus only on the things they can control or change. By adopting such a positive attitude, service employees can set the tone for all further interactions related to client calls; their response would be contagious and rub off on the person making a complaint.

Way Forward with Positivity

It is not a matter of joke to handle irritable, screaming, and angry clients across the workweek, and on a daily basis.  A feeling of lethargy and dread can take over any time, leaving the entire customer service team with a sense of hatred for their job. Such feelings can only be curtailed and prevented from snowballing through positive behavior. Result? The service staff and customers will both be happy and work towards the bigger growth of the organization.

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