5 Tips To Boost Your Startup’s Online Visibility & Rankings

What is Online Visibility & Ranking?

If you want to grow your startup to boost your online visibility and grow your customer base then you will need to do everything you can to drive more qualified customers to your site. You can attract more traffic in a number of ways, but acquiring customers through Organic Search is one of the least expensive and most scalable strategies at your disposal.

Consider online visibility and ranking as the behind the scenes technical elements which increase the likelihood your customers will find you in a search engine.

The more visible, the better. The higher your ranking in a search engine for specific keywords means the more likely you will increase traffic to your website. So, the question you might ask is how do I boost my online visibility and ranking?

The answer is to focus on SEO marketing strategies to get your content found online with relevant information based on what your customers are searching for. Let’s take a look at the top 5 tactics that you can use today to boost your online visibility and drive more conversions today!

1. Work With A Reliable Web Host

Use a web host with 24 hours service and proven security. Startups that choose a 24-hour host service familiar with their market get better results. There are many choices available, and some companies offer to host as part of a package. You do not need a fancy solution, and since you are just getting started you should think about the most economic and hands-off solution to help you focus on growing your business and not on hosting a website.

They build and host your website. As a tech-savvy entrepreneur, you might what to consider finding your own host and work directly with them. As a startup, this will give you a good understanding of how significant web hosts are in online visibility & ranking.

2. Learn About SERPs

SERP, Search Engine Results Page, is the result of a search shown on different search engines like Google and Bing. From example, if I go to my favorite search engine and search for green widgets, the results I get from that inquiry is my SERP.

  • Organic results are the result of the search based on what was typed in, Green Widgets.
  • Paid listings are the result of paying for a listing from let’s say Wendy’s widget company.

Startups that understand the difference and use both will most like increase their online presence and ranking all the time. You can create valuable content on your website and blog to get found in SERPs and since your customers are searching for terms that you rank for you will be able to drive lots of qualified traffic to your site in no time!

3. Learn About What The Search Engine Wants To Move You Up In Ranking

Just as any organization or institution has guidelines, search engines are no different. Pay attention to these guidelines that Google and other search engines require you to follow because you could receive a Manual Penalty if you fail to comply.

You should only use White Hat marketing strategies, and even if it seems like you want to use Black Hat marketing strategies you could wind up getting deindexed or losing ranking spots in SERPS.

Remember the instructions are there for a reason and you’re not the only startup with a great idea. Remember if you have organic listings it is not costing you anything to move. It’s free!

4. Know The Needs Of Your Customers

SEO Marketing is more than just keywords and content, because the most important part of your marketing strategy is to align the needs of your customers with the products and services that you provide. Start with the needs of your customers before you create a single piece of content and you will be more successful in Search Engine marketing.

Beyond the next step is how you can convince them that you have what they need? You can only say you’re the best because of A, B and C so many times. At some point, you might have to back that up with hard data.

Testimonials. Statistics, and projections help. When it comes to online visibility and ranking, keyword phrases and knowing what works for you mean a lot.

The bottom line; when the search engine has a set of guidelines that you fail to comply with, all the data in the world will not matter.

5. Build, Assess, Tweak, Rebuild Again

You’re a startup. You plan to create a new or better product or service. Your end game is to get noticed now and in the future, and one day you will move from being a startup to the full on ‘doing business as’ organization or service.

It takes a Herculean effort to stay at the top. In the same way, it is monumental to raise up and then fall.

  • Add an About Us Page. About Us will help visitors get a feeling that you want them to know about you, not just what you do.
  • Consider an incentive for repeat visitors. It’s one thing to have visitors to the site check it out and leave. It could mean potentially more business if they visit and stay.
  • Consider an interactive blog. This can give visitors a voice in a way that the might not otherwise have.
  • Consider links that will include you in a larger network that help your site visitors make informed decisions.
  • Make it attractive and fun to visit. A visually pleasing site is a fun place to visit. Don’t make your site look like the local DMV website. Not good. Use colors and themes that allow free flow and new interactions.
  • Leave a real valid ‘contact us’ option. It could be a toll-free number, a pop-up tech support window or an email window. The key is to make your visitor feel like they know you care and want to take care of them.

Online visibility is fluid. When you reach out to your potential customer using key phrases and other strategies you are likely to reach the top every time.

Building Your Startup With SEO Marketing

Growing your startup can be difficult, but you can use the above 5 tips to help you get found online and boost your rankings. Not only will this help you increase traffic to your site, but you will also be able to grow your customer based and make more money!

Look at the needs of your customers then build content around your products and solutions. You can implement the top 5 marketing strategies to drive more traffic and conversions today!

Chris Giarratana is a digital marketing consultant who works with small business and nonprofits. He helps drive conversions and boost sales through SEO marketing, freelance copywriting, and PPC management.

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