Biggest Challenges DevOps Face Today

A recent study shows that teams using DevOps spend 22 percent less time on reworking or unplanned work. There is no denying just how useful and beneficial DevOps can be when done the right way.

Just like any other practice, the world of DevOps is changing with each passing day. Staying up to speed on these changes is essential for any software or app development company looking to keep their competitive edge.

For most developers, using tools to log Java exceptions is a no-brainer. Using these tools in conjunction with the DevOps process will allow you to deploy useful and reliable programs for the masses to use.

Are you curious about what current challenges are facing the DevOps community? If so, read below to find out more about these challenges.

Clearly Defining the DevOps Process

Over the years, the word DevOps has been used to describe a certain way of doing things. In essence, this process is based around combining various roles throughout the app or software development process. In the beginning, DevOps was used as a buzzword to help engineers and programmers stay in a certain frame of mind.

As a business owner, you will need to work on defining what DevOps means for your team. By clearly defining the role of DevOps in your company, you can keep team members on track and moving forward.

Selecting the Right Projects

The biggest mistake most business owners make is thinking DevOps can be used for each and every job they take on. While this process can provide benefits like increased efficiency and productivity, you will not be able to use it for every job.

One of the best tools a business owner can use when trying to figure out whether or not to use DevOps on a project is portfolio management software. With this software, you can increase your ability to make sound decisions while properly managing risk.

Once you have an idea of what resources and tasks a certain project will require, you can decide whether or not the DevOps process is the right fit. The last thing you need to do is force a project to fit the DevOps model if it clearly doesn’t. Not only will this lead to mistakes being made, it can also reduce productivity levels.

Fast Deployment Can Cause Problems

One of the main reasons why most app and software development companies use DevOps is to speed up the deployment process. Most business owners put a lot of value on being first to market with an app or a piece of software. While there is definite value to being first to market, it can also lead to your company putting out a subpar product.

Running in-depth QA testing is essential before putting your new program out for mass consumption. Normally, these tests will slow down the development process. However, without the information from these tests, you will be unable to optimize your app for performance.

If you are looking to speed up this process, using automated QA testing tools is a great option. Having success with these automated tools will require you to oversee each test to ensure the right elements of the app are being put through the paces.

Complex Apps Need Better Support

As time goes by, the apps being developed by businesses are becoming more complex. The biggest problem you will face with complex apps is keeping them running efficiently. While DevOps will speed up the development process, it is up to you to ensure an app is properly supported.

Not only will this support require a great deal of money, you will need to increase the size of your team to handle this task. Usually, the money and manpower you invest in maintaining a complex app will pay off. Neglecting to provide consumers with the support they need will lead to your app failing in spectacular fashion.

The key to having success with DevOps is getting your team on board. You will also need to focus on assigning tasks to the right team member. When trying to figure out what tasks to assign, look at the strengths your team has. With this information, you should be able to do this job with ease.

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