12 Important Tips on Selling With Video

The popularity of videos for marketing has been nothing short of impressive- over the past few years, YouTube and has grown into a major marketing platform for both businesses and individual marketing. Video marketing has brought so much success for both individuals and corporates; however, it has not been so for everyone. Long gone are the days when all you had to do was to buy YouTube views for video marketing success, here are 12 important tips on selling with video.

To succeed in using video as an effective promotional tool for businesses, there are certain rules and ingredients that you have to abide by. Video marketing is only getting more popular and more appealing for online marketing, whether on your website or on social media. Landing pages with videos lead to more first-page search rankings, up to 50 times more than traditional landing pages.

It is no wonder that more people are opting for promotional videos and that social media sites are encouraging the use of videos on their platforms. The cost-effectiveness of videos is quite attractive because a return on investment will be realized for years to come, with more views.

Before we get to the tips for successful marketing videos, let us briefly look at some types of videos being used out here for marketing and what they do:

  • Animated videos- These videos are ideal for concepts that are not easy to grasp. The visuals make it easier to explain an abstract product or service.
  • Branding videos- These are basically videos for an advertising campaign which should create awareness around the business’s and attract the target audience.
  • Customer testimonial videos- Here you basically get people who have used a product or service successfully to tell their stories. Positive customer feedback is the best marketing tool as you know.
  • Demo videos- Demos are best used for explaining how a product or service works by taking the viewer on a tour.
  • Event videos- If you have an event, this is the type of video you should use to highlight the event and spark interest.
  • Expert interviews- these are videos of industry experts or leaders used for building authority and trust with an audience.
  • How-To Videos- Instructional videos for educational or teaching purposes to help viewers to understand your business and solutions better and is a good way to buy YouTube views without spending much.

Tips on selling with video

  • Have an eye-catching video title

The only way anyone is going to watch your video is by watching it. The title must attract viewers and must be able to quickly grab the searcher’s attention to click on it. Optimize the title with relevant keywords which will quickly pop up when your subject matter is searched.

  • Your video must have a story

Effective marketing videos must tell a story and cater to the emotions of the viewer by appealing to their needs and desires.

  • Have a powerful attention-grabbing intro

Make your video introduction powerful enough to keep the viewer wanting more. Research shows that one in every five viewers will close a video within 10 seconds if they do not find it interesting, that is why a good introduction is important. Captivate them and encourage them to watch to the end.

  • Sell your business mission to sell the product or service

People are more interested in the ‘why’, than in the product or service you are selling. Tell them why you created the product or service and what value addition it will bring to their lives.

  • Provide relevant and unique content

Be different but content relevant- think about what your target audience wants and values and cater to that in the video. Make it content that they need and offer unique solutions.

  • Be exciting and professional

Before you shoot your video, you need to research and find ways to be exciting- people do not like boring videos. Things like voice pitch variations and an addition of interesting anecdotes can make the video very exciting and will keep the viewer watching. Have a strong inspirational message done professionally with good camera presence and speaking skill- you should be clear and audible.

  • Remember that online is now mobile

Your videos must be mobile friendly because more people are accessing the internet and video using mobile devices. Every marketing video must be made and formatted with this in mind and should be easily downloaded and watched on mobile gadgets.

  • Make the video educational and informative

People want to learn something new and a marketing video works best if it informs or educates the viewer. Effective promotional video offer advice, information, and tips.

  • Call to Action

At the end of your video, invite the viewer to take a further action such as subscribing, commenting, visiting your website, walking into one of your stores etc. The call to action is essentially for converting the person watching your video but do not make it a sales pitch.

  • Keep the video short

The shorter the video the more effective the message. Viewers do not have a long time to spend online, therefore, make your video short but message-effective for lasting impressions of the viewer.

  • Use a video landing page

Just like your website landing page, video landing pages can improve traffic to your video. Research has shown that videos embedded in landing pages can increase conversions by up to 80%.

  • Do not forget your URL

Your website address must be displayed in your marketing video to increase traffic to your website and increase your visibility online.


These are 12 important tips on selling with video that every person needs to keep in mind when doing a video for marketing or promotional purposes. It is forecasted that video will dominate online marketing in the coming years and more customers prefer watching promotional videos for their purchasing decisions. You must create content which resonates with the viewer to organically buy YouTube views.

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