Choosing The Right PCB Assembly Company – 3 Things You Must Know

Finding the right PCB Assembly company for your product can be one of the crucial steps in the entire manufacturing process. And you don’t want to hand it to the wrong company, especially after you’ve spent a ton of time and money in building its several components to perfection. We have some pointers that will make selecting the right PCB Assembly company for your printed circuit board bit easier.

#1. Select The Right PCB Assembly Process For Your Product

There are two main types of assembly processes used for printed circuit boards. The latest version is called the surface-mount technology. This technique can be used for the smallest of devices and is also super-lightweight, cost-effective and faster than the through-hole assembly technique.

The through-hole technique is used on larger devices which require more durability, and are prone to heavy environmental wear and tear. In this method, holes are drilled onto the circuit board and the individual components are soldered into the board.

Primarily used to increase the durability of the device, this method requires a longer time and is also more expensive. So, depending on the requirement of your product, you could either go for one of the above two methods, or a combination of both.

#2. Get More Details About The Company You’re Partnering With

Finding the right assembly company to complete your PCB requirement is crucial as it affects the completion of your product. While it may be tempting to go with the top brands, try and get an understanding of the work culture of different PCB assembly companies, to check if they suit your work style.

For example, if a company needs to be reached out to multiple times to get the quotation and answers to your queries, it could mean they don’t have the resources to manage customers. On the other hand, if their quotation is too low, it could mean they’re new in the market. So, analyze all these factors before making your choice.

#3. Evaluate The Material Quality, Testing Process And After-Sales Service

You want your PCB board assembly to be of a superior quality so that it performs to its optimum without any hiccups. In order to ensure this, find out if the company you’re partnering with has the relevant quality certifications in place, also ideally you could ask them to show some existing samples of the work they’re done.

You can also go a step further and ask them for a sample of their work, before confirming the project with them. Lastly, speak to people from the industry and previous customers to evaluate their experience with the PCB Assembly company. It’s ok to take all the measures before handing the responsibility of assembly to them.

These are just the basic checks that are a must before selecting your PCB assembly company. But you should also go deeper and check other technicalities involved in enabling them to do the best job for your product. Remember, once a job is completed it cannot be reversed, especially when it comes to the delicate process of building each individual component needed for your circuit.

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