List of the Best Tips for Drinking More Water

If you don’t already know, more than 60% of our body contains water, and experts recommend consuming no less than two liters of it in 24 hours. There is a bunch of health advantages if you drink plenty of H2O daily, including maintaining fluid balance, healthy skin, good kidneys, helping the digestive organs, and so on.

We probably already know it is important that you stay hydrated, but curiously it sometimes seems almost impossible to keep in mind to gulp down this necessary liquid enough. Here are five ways you can do so:

#1. Purchase an advanced smart water bottle

Are you serious as well as determined to increase water consumption? Then get yourself the best smart water bottle available. It is a genius device which senses and recalls the time when you last took a sip, alerting when it’s time for hydrating yourself again. These not only look cool and stylish but help you a lot to reach your water-drinking goal every single day.

#2. Download an app on your smartphone

If you don’t want to buy anything readily, download an application in smartphone for noting daily water intake quantity, as well as whether the user has attained his water-drinking goals, etc. Honestly, we all are hooked on our phones anyway, so why not install in it (using the internet) a free application to arrange for daily alerts to drink up more glasses of water? Using such an app is going to be fun and interesting, and assist you in consuming more water.

#3. Say ‘No’ to soda

If we feel a little thirsty, the very first thing that comes to most of our minds is perhaps the sugary, delicious soda. Well, now you should stop thinking about soda. Gulp down some water instead.

Consuming smaller amounts of soda and greater amounts of water will also reduce calorie consumption, so it’s a win-win if you’re watching calorie intake. If tasteless water sounds too bad, sparkling or mineral water can be great options, or maybe pour a little bit of fresh lime juice in the water.

#4. Post-bathroom-break reminder to sip some water

We all take bathroom breaks at several points of in a day. Why don’t you use this regular activity as a reminder to drink? It’s advised that you drink from a tumbler containing water after every instance you go to the restroom, making sure that the water-concentration in the body remains sufficient and your entire body is rehydrated.

#5. Consume watery edibles

If somehow you are unable to drink an adequate quantity of it, how about eating water? Don’t be confused. Try eating fruits like cucumber, watermelon, oranges, etc. as well as vegetables like zucchini, tomato, lettuce, etc. which are filled up with lots of water in them. Consume soups and make recipes using water-rich vegetables. It is also advisable to take a sip of water prior to starting to eat any meal, which will assist you to drink more water.

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