Tips For Buying A Flashlight

Penlight, as it appears from the name, is a small pen shape light. A LED or a small light bulb is used in the pen that makes it a small and handy flashlight. The light can be turned on by simply pressing a button on the pen. Moreover, the penlight uses simple AAAA or AAA batteries for power. Most of the modern flashlight use AAAA batteries which are a new thin form of batteries commonly used in small electronics. These flashlights are usually made up of plastic or metal and available in different colors. Compare to common flashlights, penlights are small in size and weight. Moreover, you can carry them easily anywhere with you. Check pen light review 2019 for the list of best penlights.

Why You Need Pen Light?

You may need a penlight if you are an electrician or mechanic. Because the job of an electrician and mechanic involves wires and engines. Especially when you are going to check the interior of the engine, the penlight can come handy. If you want to focus on a specific area then the penlight can help illuminate that area with a bright light.

Moreover, medical practitioners such as a nurse or a doctor also need to use the penlight for examining the patient. There are many situations when they need a bright light to clearly examine the patient. Most of the doctors use this light for examining the pupil. It is called the pupil test in which the doctor puts a bright light on the pupil to determine the response. Moreover, they may need this to examine the throat and mouth of a patient.

Apart from these uses, it can also be used for general purposes. It can also be used for self-defense when you are walking down a dark street.

Some Things to Consider Before Buying A Penlight

Penlights are really the amazing and sleek devices. There is a great range of feature available and ease of use makes it a perfect every day carry the device. There are a vast number of brands and manufacturers on the market. It means there is a lot of choices to choose from. To purchase the best pen light that suits your need, you need to do some research. Following are some features that you might consider before buying it:

Run Time

One of the most crucial features that you need to consider is battery life. Most of them use AAA or AA batteries due to their low weight and slim design. Well, it all depends on your budget whether you want to choose high-performance lithium batteries or low-performance traditional batteries. Lithium batteries have high performance but they are more costly. These batteries can provide you brighter light and longer run time.

Shape And Size

Another feature worth considering is the size and shape of your penlight. As the penlight needs to be small enough to put in your pocket or bag. So, you can carry it easily with you. When it comes to the size, a size that can easily fit in your hand is the best. So, you can use it easily when need to. If a penlight is longer, then it can have more space for batteries and can provide you more runtime and power.

Light Intensity

Whether you are buying a penlight or a tactical flashlight, one of the most important features is the intensity of the light. You are buying a penlight because you want to see in the dark, so high light intensity is recommended. Moreover, it depends on the purpose of use of penlight that how much lumens you need. If you are a doctor and wants to check the eyes, then you need a penlight with a lumen range that cannot hurt the patients. To make it easy for you, you can choose a penlight in the range from 80 to 160 lumens.

Switch Types

Well, the switch types are worth considering. It depends on you that what kind of switch type will be convenient for you. There are three types of switches which are a tail chick, twist top and side click. You can choose whichever best suits your needs.

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