How to Grab Millennials Attention When Planning an Event

Event planning is highly engaging. Each event presents the planner with a different set of challenges. However, planning a millennial themed event might require a bit more research and dedication. As an event planner, you must understand the behavioral nature of this group and test the existing stereotypes.

Millennials are fascinated by creativity, convenience, the value of connection and, more importantly, authenticity. These four qualities must be present for an event to be appealing to them.

To tick those boxes, it must conform to the following aspects.

Utilize social media

Social media is your greatest tool as an event planner in grabbing millennials’ attention. The new media, when used well, can be a powerful tool. As a space, social media gives you as the event organizer the following.

First, it is the best and less costly medium of sharing the event details. Although websites are still ideal for sharing event details, the power of social media is unmatched. As an event organizer, you have the freedom to hire influencers or use paid promotions across all major social media platforms.

Second, by creating eye-catching and unique hashtags, you are more likely to attract your target group. Most of the social media platforms now accommodate the use of hashtags as a means for virtual visibility. Naturally, the more an event hashtag is noticeable, the more it is likely to attract millennials.

Another important social media hack for event planning is improving online presence. What this means is that as an event organizer, you must invest time in automated postings. Funny enough, but investing your time and effort into automating some repetitive tasks will result in less time wasting. Final result? Your event will look organized, well thought through and punctual.

Pay attention to the ticket charges

Contrary to popular belief, millennials are keen on their social spending. It is therefore important to pay attention to the ticket prices. It is better to cut on the event spending as opposed to charging high on the tickets.

If the reduction on the ticket prices is impossible, try expanding the event scope. One of the ideal tactics is incorporating more activities such as games. The Roulette wheel and Darts Scratchers are ideal in giving millennials the value for their money. Besides, the more an event is diversified the more the attendance.

Alternately, investing in peer-to-peer tactic is ideal for better ticket sales. Subsidizing group tickets not only makes the tickets affordable but also encourages millennials to attend to attend in groups. Bigger groups in an event have a positive spiral effect on the event.

Bring millennials on board

Millennials are highly educated and can (if given an opportunity), be of great help in planning. The advantage (of their presence in planning) is that you have access to unlimited first-hand opinions. Millennials have high expectations and these expectations keep changing. Having one of them on the planning team gives you a more realistic approach to interpreting trends.

Having a millennial on the event planning team gives you a chance to have a polished theme that resonates with millennials. The resonating aspect of the event gives the planning team a more customized direction.

Another angle you can use as an event planner in relation to bringing the millennials on board is by creating pre-event activities. There are endless ways to achieve organic interaction among the millennials but the ideal one is to create online promotions. The promotions can revolve around giving away complimentary or subsidized tickets to millennials.

Alternatively, you can invest in event merchandise. These goodies can be given away though structured means such as making the millennials answer some questions about the event. This strategy is ideal for expanding the advertisement platform for the event to include offline population.

And to make your event unmatched

Giving back to the society is not only right but also helps in resonating with the millennials. Millennials have strong and positive opinions about this.

There are numerous ways of structuring these noble initiatives. The structures, however, must consider the event target audience and the event budget. Some of the common themes that resonate well with millennials include environmental courses and caring for the unfortunate in the society. Giving them a chance to contribute to these courses makes the event unmatched.

Ashley Wilson is a freelance writer interested in business, marketing, and tech topics. She has been known to reference Harry Potter quotes in casual conversation and enjoys baking homemade treats for her husband and their two felines, Lady and Gaga. You can get in touch with Ashley via Twitter.

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