Tips For Buying An Engagement Ring

When suddenly you experience butterflies in your stomach, whenever you are with your potential partner, that’s when it clicks; this must be love. Now, as a man has to do the right thing, this is where a diamond engagement ring comes to mind. But a jumble of questions starts streaming from right, left, and center. As you begin to figure out the best ring that will be mind-blowing? What is trending? Where do you go to buy it? Maybe order online, or visit the stores? All this can be overwhelming.

So, you embark on research, and that’s how you got here. Well, stress not, as we got you covered. Let’s go:

Learn the 4Cs of buying a diamond ring

Learn the 4Cs of buying a diamond ringWhat the hell is 4Cs? I know, the first time I heard about that, I was also like you. Well, this is a diamond grading that guides you on how to buy an engagement ring or other jewelry for your partner. By learning what each represents, you will safely locate the best diamond that suits your budget.

Color: you must have seen some spectrum of shades in diamonds. The color scaling starts from D-Z. The most expensive ones will start from D, which are colorless and rare, going down to those with color, that are less pricey. Recently, some fancy ones in pink, yellow, and chocolate have started being popular.

Clarity: A diamond with fewer inclusions, the more expensive it is likely to be. A stone may have tiny flecks and flaws that naturally form while it is on the earth. And these imperfections are the ones that determine the clarity of the rock, which gets a rating scale from flawless to inclusions. A diamond with less visible inclusions will attract a higher price.

Carat: What measures a carat is the size and weight of a stone, and an average diamond engagement ring has one carat.

Cut: Here, the cutting is not the shape of a stone, but how it is designed to sparkle. Again, this is how the cut grading is determined. The cut should be within specific parameters so that the facets interact with the way light comes in.

Use a friend

You don’t have to be alone through this journey. And if you still want to keep the element of surprise, then your partner will be out of the picture. Everyone has that friend who has been in the same venture, and it’s ideal to seek their help. It will be awesome if that person has good taste.

Go for uniqueness

Most people take pride in owning something unique. And not only the millennials, but everyone. It is also prudent to try to match your recipient’s taste even if you have to eschew the diamond for something personal.

Get it right

Nine out of ten people have an idea of what kind of ring they want. But how do you know what your fiancé likes? Most girls will share with their BFF the ideal ring they want for their engagement. So, you need to find their close buddies and have one on one conversation. Also, be observant of what she wears on her finger or other accessories. All these are clues that will help you to get it right.

Pick your shape

Pick your shape

What shape will be more appealing on your partner’s fingers? It can be tricky if you have not seen her accessorize. But maybe it might be easier for you when you look at some of the popular shapes of the diamond engagement ring below:

Round-it is a classic, and this is what the majority go for, as it highlights the brilliance of the stone.

Emerald-it is the best choice for millennials. It has a large facet that showcases excellent claret.

Oval-it is a perfect complement for those with long fingers.

Marquise-it is a long-tapered style that enhances the size of the carat.

Cushion-for those looking for a vintage style, this is the best they can get. It’s a square-shaped ring having rounded-corners.

Princess-It is a pyramidal shape and enhances the size of the diamond.

Where do you buy your engagement ring?

Where do you buy your engagement ringOne can be confused about the right place to get your perfect ring. The several areas we will check, each has some advantages you might consider.

National jewelers: these kinds of stores have some of the top-notch jewels. They boost a national presence, and that means they are trustworthy. If you are seeking for financing options or trade-in, you will get here.

N/B: As NYC-jeweler Stephanie Gottlieb says, “Store lightings are meant to enhance the appearance of the diamond.” To get the actual look of it, stand by the window and use the natural light. That cannot deceive you. She also recommends to smudge the stone with your fingerprints, so you see if the inclusions may pop up.

Private jeweler: these are the best if you need a personalized shopping experience and a custom-designed ring.

Online shopping: the advantage of shopping online is you can browse many stone options. And you can even have a choice of buying them loose and taking them to your private jeweler. Clarity is quite crucial here, so you better read the grading report from either GIA, EGL, and AGL.

Watching a video of the stone in 360-degree will help you spot any imperfections in the photo.

In conclusion, are you relieved now? What a journey. So much information, but it is worth it. Now you are more enlightened on how to buy an engagement ring. Right?

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