Joint Pain Can Obstruct Your Daily Life. Here Are 8 Home Remedies That Will Soothe Your Pain

Movement and enjoyment are closely linked together, but what happens if, for some reason, movement is restricted?

Modern-day pacey lifestyle has taken its toll on your health. It is closely reflected through growing cases of joint ailments such as arthritis, gouts, etc. Joint pain can be an excruciating affair and cause us much discomfort.

Simple and quick home remedies can quickly and naturally alleviate the pain and push your health towards wellness.

1. Turmeric and Ginger To Fight the Pain

Ginger and Turmeric are natural painkillers. They are known to possess properties that can naturally alleviate the pain from the joints. They have natural anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce the swelling and inflammation in the joints.


These two natural ingredients contain many antioxidants that fight oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is the primary reason behind the degeneration of joints. These ingredients are also known to improve the overall wellbeing of an individual.

Ginger and Turmeric can be consumed by adding the chopped mixture to boiling water and adding some honey. Otherwise, it can also be used as a mixture or a paste to be topically applied to the joints or the region of the pain directly. While consuming the medicine, it is best to have it on an empty stomach for excellent benefits.

2. Consuming A Balanced Diet

Most joint problems, aches, and pains emanate from the undue tension on the joints due to that weight. Thus, a balanced diet is a tried and tested home-grown remedy to shed some extra kilos quickly.

While it has many fitness and health benefits, the best part is the joints’ relief due to the extra weight that has been pushed out.


The balanced diet must contain foods rich in Omega-3 nutrients, sulfur, and are also rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Thus, food sources such as fish, flaxseeds, onion, garlic, asparagus, and other fresh veggies are the best sources for you.

Fresh green vegetables are also rich in essential vitamins and minerals such as A, C, and K that protect cells from damage.

These food sources can also protect the cells and stop the inflammatory process. They are especially helpful in maintaining blood flow by reducing cartilage and arterial damage.

3. Yoga

What some of the best laxatives and pain medications can not achieve is easily achievable through outdoor exercises. Though a lot of outdoor activities can open up some stiff joints, they can also further the damage to the joints. Therefore, the best and most popular way to combat this is through Yoga.

Yoga is an Indian exercising practice that combines stretching and meditation techniques to improve joint and core strength. Yoga has been known to decrease joint pain and alleviate stiffness. It can also help you to reduce your stress and relax through deep breathing and meditation techniques.


Exercise postures in Yoga are known as asanas. Each of the asanas focuses on a specific target group of muscles and aims to stretch and heal the same from the inside.

4. Tai Chi

As is generally the case, oriental culture does involve a Chinese contribution in some form or the other. Tai Chi, too, is a Chinese practice that combines various techniques, including deep breathing and meditation.


It is a slow, gentle process that has shown to be quite effective in reducing joint pain and inflammation. Tai chi also harnesses the flow of inner energy or chi through the usage of fluid movements. It can be quite beneficial for improving the range of motions and functions as well as overall wellbeing.

5. Physiotherapy and Massage

Most joint pains can be attributed to one of three reasons – inflammation, strain, weight. If weight is no longer an issue, then strain and inflammation must be our top priority. If joint swelling, pressure, or overstraining is the root cause, it can be easily remedied.


Physiotherapy and massage relieve joint tension and muscular stress. They are also helpful in regulating and stimulating blood flow to the affected region. Muscular massage and physiotherapy help to loosen out the stiff joints.

This helps in regaining muscular movement and helps in the repair and healing process of the damaged muscles or tissues. Apart from pain alleviation, they are also instrumental in promoting the overall wellness of the joints.

6. Use Frankincense

Boswellia Essential Oil is also known colloquially as Indian Frankincense. Sustained application of this oil topically and massaging it onto the affected area alleviates pain. The natural properties of the oil are instrumental in reducing joint inflammation.


This oil is also known to reduce swelling up and stiffness of the joints by preventing the breakdown of cartilage tissue. The oil can be used by combining 5-6 drops into any carrier oil, such as coconut oil. For best results, you must massage it onto the affected area two to three times a day for 5-10 minutes.

7. Apply Epsom Salt

Another excellent home remedy for joint aches, especially for arthritic patients, is the Epsom Salt. Epsom Salt is known to contain a high dosage of magnesium.


Magnesium is an essential mineral in the human body that is considered extremely vital and useful for bone health.

Epsom salt must be combined with fresh lemon juice and hot water. Three tablespoons of Epsom salt into this mixture must be had twice a day, i.e., mornings and nights, for desired healing results.

8. Use Alfalfa Seeds

Alfalfa seeds have been since time immemorial been used for the treatment of arthritic joints and gouts. The seeds are known to possess excellent medicinal properties that not only alleviate pain but also promote overall wellbeing.


Add one teaspoon of these seeds into a cup full of hot water. Having 3-4 cups every day for at least two weeks can mitigate the pain with noticeable results.


Yes, joint pain can pose quite a challenge, but if you want, it will not limit your lifestyle at all by practicing these home remedies. These home remedies are entirely natural and, as a result, have no side-effects on your health.

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