5 Things to Get Noticed in the Oil and Gas Industry

Applying for a new job is exciting and stressful. A career in the oil and gas industry can be a rewarding career that pays well. Unfortunately, many people want jobs in this industry, and it can be hard to stand out in the crowd.

5 Things to Know if You Want to Get Noticed in the Oil and Gas Industry

The following covers five ways to get noticed when applying for a new job in the oil and gas industry.

A Willingness to Travel is Important

Many times jobs in oil and gas are located in remote parts of the globe. Those wanting to get noticed by an oil and gas recruiter denver need to make it clear that they are ready and willing to travel for the job. Many jobs would require employees to travel and stay in developing countries, even if the company’s head office is located in a major city.

When creating a resume or a curriculum vitae (cv) for a job in the oil and gas industry, a person needs to highlight any global locations that they commuted or relocated to for a job. Those who have no global experience should put a line in their resume that states they would be willing to travel or relocate for their career. If a recruiter assumes a person will not be willing to travel if needed, they likely won’t call the person in for an interview.

Create a Stunning Resume and CV

Recruiters in the oil and gas industry likely receive hundreds of applicants for each job posting they list. Stand out from the crowd by ensuring the resume a person turns in is professionally designed and highlights the key factors that recruiters seek. Place the details of any technical qualifications at the top of the documents so that the recruiter sees them right away. Check the specific requirements of the job and list that these requirements are met in the first paragraph of the document.

Show a Commitment to the Role

Stand out from the crowd by stating experience on the resume or cv. Show a commitment to the role wanted by outlining job-specific roles worked in the industry. A recruiter needs to know that the person has worked in that specific role and is committed to it.

Ensure the Correct Field is Target

There are thousands of different jobs in the oil and gas industry, but an applicant’s resume should target one specific field, not all of the fields available. A resume should clearly state which category of the oil and gas section a person fits into. There are four main areas of focus in this industry, which are:

  • Scientists
  • Businesspeople
  • Engineers
  • Mathematicians

For Those Without Experience in the Industry

Not having any experience in the oil and gas industry will not exclude a person from being considered for certain positions. The trick is to show the recruiter that the person has relevant skills and experience to transfer into the industry. The resume’s goal should be to show the recruiter that a person has what it takes to make their skills work in the oil and gas industry.

By following the five tips above, prospective job applicants can increase their odds of standing out in a sea of applicants applying for jobs in the oil and gas industry. If a person feels lost, they may want to take their resume or cv to a professional resume company for an evaluation. Companies out there will offer resume advice, writing services, offer interview coaching, and more.

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