A Handy Guide for TV Streaming Services

No doubt, the modes of entertainment have expanded tremendously over time. The global pandemic has further escalated the use of various streaming platforms as people find more free time at their disposal, and watching their favorite TV shows or movies while staying at home proves to be a good escape from the anxiety of the whole chaotic situation. With these streaming services, it has become a lot more convenient to watch your shows or movies whenever you want without being bound to a time-frame. Though streaming services have added to the flexibility, ease, convenience, and affordability of the users and given the cable TV industry a hard time, we cannot say that cable TV has become extinct. With high-quality providers like RCN cable, there are users still attracted to the versatile cable TV channel line-ups and their charisma.

The reason streaming services seem to be acing forward is that they are a better fit to cater to our entertainment needs amidst our hectic routines, where we usually find ourselves juggling with our professional and personal lives. By choosing any of the streaming platforms, we can access their massive online libraries of diverse genres to find exactly what we are in the mood to watch and even watch it over again if we want. Thus, you can always catch up on an episode of your favorite show in the middle of your busy schedules and that too at a comparatively cheaper cost.

Best streaming platforms

Every streaming service has something for you, so here we are with a thorough guide to help you decide which streaming platform can serve you best as per your entertainment needs.


The most popular online streaming platform and for all the right reasons, Netflix has taken over the world by storm by revolutionizing the industry and being one of the pioneers in the market. From classics to modern hits, you will find the content of every genre in its immense online library. The users are saved from any ad interruption, as there are no commercials. It has a very simple and user-friendly interface. Netflix makes the search struggle easier for you by giving recommendations based on your watch history. Its in-house productions or Netflix Originals have been super hits, where Stranger Things, The Witcher, and Orange is the New Black had viewers glued to the screen. You can access Netflix on almost any internet-compatible device. It offers a variety of plans at the most affordable subscription rates. Moreover, you never have to worry about any pesky contract signing, which means that you can dismiss the service whenever you want.

Hulu Plus

This is yet another outstanding streaming service that has provoked viewers to cut the cord and get a Hulu subscription to access its vast online library of your favorite TV titles, movies, and amazing Hulu Originals. You can enjoy watching most of the main network shows. Not only that, but you can also access some cable shows the very same day they are aired. The subscription rates are very affordable and you get to enjoy a one-week trial for free. It has an impressive collection of movies and TV shows and is available on Roku’s streaming player, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, smartphone, and Google Chromecast, etc.

Amazon Prime Video

In case you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you already know that you have access to one of the best streaming services available. It has the perfect blend of movies, originals, and TV shows which you can also rent. Even if you are not an Amazon person, you can still subscribe to its flexible plan. The content is outstanding and you get to enjoy additional Amazon benefits along, which is quite an attraction for the users.

Disney Plus

No matter what age group we belong to, deep down we share the same love for Disney, as its characters have always been a central part of our childhood memories. Be it The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Aladdin, and so many more, we love them. With its streaming service launched by the name of Disney Plus, you and your family now have access to all your favorite animated classics and other top-notch content with UHD resolution options. It allows as many as four simultaneous streams and is available on Amazon Fire, Chromecast, Roku, Android TV, and Apple TV, etc.


HBO Max has all the HBO Original series in store for you. It also provides Kids Lock and Parental Control features and you do not need a cable subscription to access it. It can be a bit pricey as compared to other platforms but considering the content you get to enjoy, it is surely worth the cost.

Final Thoughts

The aforementioned streaming services are among the best ones out there, with each having something more to offer to its viewers. Though to make the most out of them, you must also have reliable internet service.

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