The Top 10 Ways to Increase referral Traffic to Get more Leads

A continuous source of leads is essential for every business. The industry doesn’t matter. What matters is how well you are attracting highly relevant leads to your site to turn into sales.

Create a Referral Program

The only way you can increase referral traffic into your website is if you have a referral program. It all starts from there. For this purpose, you’ll need to get to know some referral software that you can use to promote your products and services. This software is fascinating, for they allow you to create a referral program in just a few clicks.

Have an Attractive Referral Incentive

However, a referral program can only be successful if it has an attractive referral incentive. By appealing, it should naturally draw people into your page. You don’t have to bend backward to convince people. You should be able to attract them naturally only by having an attractive incentive. To do this, all you need to do is ask your market about it. Ask about what they want and need and provide that incentive. Since you have asked them for what they want, they will already be pre-sold on your motivation even before releasing it.

Get the Right Affiliates

Another thing that you must consider if you want to have a successful referral program is the affiliates. You need to have talented people in your team if you’re going to get more leads through your program. More than your customers, you also need expert marketers who know what they are doing to promote your business. These people are more than just referrers. They also know the science of attracting people to your website. You need these people by your side if you want your referral program to be successful.

If you want to know how to get affiliates to your referral program, it is about advertising your program on joint venture channels. These places usually have experienced marketers who are looking for items that they can sell.

Promote your Referral Program

You cannot create your program and leave it to bite the dust. It would help if you also promoted it. Promoting it can be as simple as having a link to it on your website homepage, or it can be a complicated social media campaign. Whichever path you choose, the key is to have a system that will promote your program for it to continue attracting leads to your business. Promotion is essential. Even your existing customers will never know the existence of your program unless you promote it.

Transform it into a Contest

You can also make your referral program more interesting by transforming it into a contest. It can be as simple as providing other prizes on top of your existing incentives. Your referrers can then unlock these prizes based on the number of leads they invite to your website. You can implement this contest in two ways. You can choose to reward by milestone. This type is where you reward prospects who have invited a certain amount of leads. You will then reward them based on their result or the milestone that they have successfully unlocked. The other type is where you give away elite prizes. Referrers can then only access these prizes when they have managed to invite the most referrers. In this case, you only reward the people who managed to get the most referrals. So you only need to give prizes to a few people.

Integrate Social Media

You can also get more leads into your program if you integrate social media sharing into your program. Besides the emails you can get from your referral form, you can also ask your referrers to share your business on social media. When they do this, you can set it up so that they’ll accumulate points for every share. This setup can give your business a massive boost in social proof and user-generated content. And it can positively affect your sales.

Include Influencers

If there’s another form of marketing that works in the same way as referral marketing, it is influencer marketing. The reason why big brands are willing to pay for influencer promotions is the fact that it works. Brands are eager to put in big money for a simple mention or tag. And it is because influencers are experts in driving their followers into action. So if you want your referral program to get more leads, you should include influencers.

Pro tip:

If you want influencers to say yes to your referral promotion requests, you have to make it exclusive. Include their brand and create a referral program that is designed just for them. This setup is more attractive to influencers.

Integrate it into your Abandoned Cart Sequence

Another creative way is to integrate your referral program into your abandoned cart sequence. You don’t even need to utilize your abandoned cart software to do this. You can include a link or a referral form right when your customer is about to leave the site. This will show them the incentive and convince them to come back and continue with their purchase.

Measure Your Results

You can only know that your referral program works if you can see its results. It is for this reason why measurement and evaluation are essential to the success of your program. It is a good thing that most referral software allows you to see your metrics. It will show you how well your program is performing with exact numbers. Once you know this, you will also be able to adjust your strategy if some things are not performing well.

What you have seen in this article are the best practices in the referral program industry. While you don’t need to do everything, you may do well to keep these in mind once you find that your referral program is not attracting many leads. These will give you strategies to get more leads with your referral program. Even new websites like Drum Set Lab and Hunting Bow Lab can use this successfully. I hope you get similar results.

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