The Most Important Factors You Need to Consider When Shipping Abroad

Shipping products within the country can already be a tricky matter, but what if you have started to ship to other countries as well? If you handle customer orders through your online shop or ship items to other businesses or investors, you know full well that there are important considerations that go along with it. But it’s a worthwhile endeavor for the simple reason that almost 90 per cent of trade is already international. So you might as well take advantage of this opportunity to go global. But what are the most critical factors you need to consider when shipping abroad? Let’s have a look.

Customs fees and regulations

One of your primary considerations, if you are planning to ship goods abroad, is customs fees, and along with this come regulations. These are crucial details because regardless of the country you are shipping to, there will always be regulations and associated fees. There is also a lot of paperwork to fill out, one for the country where you are residing and another for the country to where you are shipping. 

The fees are also another consideration. For example, if you are shipping to the US, US Customs and Border Protection will collect fees and taxes on behalf of various federal agencies. These will vary depending on the product’s value and the final destination of the product. There is also the shipping tariff to consider, and it includes the fees of your courier and applicable taxes on freight. 

The packaging 

The packaging of your items or goods is another important factor that can influence proper delivery and receipt. Your packaging materials will have to be good enough for shipping and delivery. Remember that various countries will have varying requirements for labelling and packaging, so research on this for every country where you are delivering. But regardless of the destination of your parcels, remember to pack them tightly. Make sure you label your items accordingly, mainly if they are fragile, and choose a box or container that’s tough and durable, like mailing boxes from with double-lined siding and self-locking tabs that no longer require sealant or tape. 

The transit or delivery time

You also have to weigh the overall time it will take for your shipment to arrive at the recipient’s door. The transit or delivery time can be affected by factors such as the courier and its delivery method (whether or not they offer overnight options, for instance) and the product itself. Bear in mind that international delivery has a higher likelihood of delays than national shipping, especially since your parcel will need clearance upon arrival. You should determine the delivery schedule and your goal for this when shipping abroad, and it pays to err on the side of caution rather than promise an unrealistic timeframe.

The transport method

The transport method can affect your shipping and delivery too, and your choices are shipping by sea or by air. Of course, each will have its corresponding timeframe and cost. If you choose to ship by sea, the timeframe will be longer, but it will be less expensive than shipping by air. Weigh your options and your goals for shipment so you can choose accordingly. 

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