How to Install HTTPS SSL Certificate on Custom Domains in Blogger

Wow, are you a blogger? Or do you want to be a blogger? Anyway, whatever the situation may be, the point is if you have a blogging website and wanted to know how and why the security can be enhanced, then the answer is an SSL certificate. But, often there are apprehensions faced among bloggers on the security of their blogging website. The difficulty arises more with the custom domains of the blogger, as they do not have cheap options to install SSL certificates. But nothing to worry much about as now it is easy to install an HTTPS SSL certificate on the customs domains in Blogger.

Once the secure connection is established with SSL certificates, you will see a boost in the rankings on Google, and your blogger blog will run fast using CDN, and will get more traffic. Indeed this is useful and you will be satisfied with the performance of your blog. What we know is that security is important and it comes with installing an SSL certificate on the website. But if we have a custom domain and subdomain then how these SSL certificates with https feature will get installed in the blogger?

If you want to know more on this then keep reading this article. So the good news is that the Blogger platform gives free SSL HTTPS certificates for Blogspot blogs. It is like a dream for the blogger blog, but do we know that these SSL certificates are only used or available for Blogspot subdomains?

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What is SSL Certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer – it is an extra layer of security on your website which ensures safe transactions and prevents hacking attacks and other malicious activities. Actually, there are many online transactions that we do on a timely basis wherein we fill in our personal information like – name, contact number, address and etc. Usually, this information that we share goes to the server thus we need a secure connection for transmission of this data. However, this states the urgency to install an SSL https certificate and get the website verified by the certificate authorities (CA) for strong encryption.

The SSL certificates secure the entire domain of the website. Wildcard SSL Certificates secure the subdomains associated with the single domain. Make sure you choose the one which gives you the flexibility to secure your multi-domains and all the subdomains under a single certificate. In fact, there are different brands and types of certificates that offer this encryption for subdomains and multi-domains.

Have a look at some of the advantages of using SSL Certificates on your Blog Website

  • SSL Certificates ensure a secure connection between the server and the client
  • If you use cheap wildcard SSL it will also save your money as it secures unlimited subdomains with a single root domain
  • The https feature will give your blog a good boost in the rankings on Google

What all things to remember while installing HTTP SSL certificates

With the latest update of Google, they are going to give priority to those sites which have installed SSL Certificate and so these sites will get a slight boost in the rankings. HTTPS can help you build the trust of your visitors.

Remember during the installation process if unfortunately there is a mistake then it may take more time to set it right which will also have an impact on the traffic. Thus make the changes on your blog when there are fewer people watching you.

With all the above points it will be easy for you to understand that installing https feature correctly on your blogger website for a custom domain is easy and safe. So now finally when you know the importance, let’s install

  • Go to your custom domain
  • Open the blogger’s dashboard
  • Follow this link to open the dashboard: Go to settings >> Basic and just enable the “HTTPS Availability” to “Yes”


  • Once you click to enable – the page will reload again

So, it is so easy and you are done with the installation of https SSL certificate on a custom domain for your blogger blog website.

Happy Blogging!

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