Should Your Business Offer a Phone Service and How It Can Help You Grow?

Phone services used to be a major business expense. Employees were forced to share a limited number of phone lines to keep costs down and the equipment needed regular maintenance checks and upgrades. But those days are long gone.

Nowadays, businesses can offer a phone service without incurring high operating and maintenance costs. Businesses can unlock the growth potential of using a hosted phone system without breaking the bank. Here we unpack the reasons why your business should offer phone service and the ways it can help your business grow. Get help from Gabbit installing a high-quality phone service for your business.

The Professional Look

While many small businesses are adopting informal working arrangements, allowing workers to work remotely from hotdesks and cafes and reducing overheads on office space, it pays to maintain an outward perception of professionalism.

Having a dedicated business line and phone service means, even if the calls are going to a cell, customers cannot see your individual phone numbers. This applies a veneer of professionalism to all of your phone interactions with customers.

Nothing Falls Through the Cracks

The last thing you want as a business owner is for an important call to go unanswered, leading to lost revenue or dissatisfied customers. Offering a professional phone service means that no calls will go unanswered and your business will not miss out on potential leads due to missed calls.

If incoming calls come outside business hours, an automated system can send the caller a prerecorded voicemail message. This allows your business to improve its customer service offerings, by assuring the caller that their call is important and that their call will be returned when the business reopens.

Streamlined Processes

Phone services can help ensure your customers quickly receive accurate information. Automated attendants can provide callers with business information and route them to the appropriate mailboxes and departments.

Better Call Quality

Without a business phone service, employees will be forced to conduct important calls and meetings over their cell phones. Cell phone service is often patchy, and the quality can be poor. Having a dedicated business phone service, connected to a fixed-line network, allows for improved sound quality.

Easily Scalable

Phone services are easily scalable, meaning they grow alongside your business. Adding lines and employees, as well as enabling remote access, is simple, allowing your phone service to travel to new offices with you, expand to new branches, and rapidly scale up to meet increased demand.

The upscaling process can often be done with minimal intrusion and technical expertise and without the need for procuring costly equipment.

Despite the internet’s disruption of the communications sector, the business phone service has remained a clear leading in commercial and industrial communications. Its affordability, reliability, scalability, and efficiency make it a favourite among businesses seeking to provide the highest level of customer service. Businesses with an increasingly agile workforce need something that is responsive and dynamic. Business phone services offer than dynamism and will remain a stalwart component of B2B and B2C communications.

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