How to Start Cultivation of Hemp

A few decades ago- especially in the 90s- several social rights movements championed for the legalization of marijuana. Many states began legislation that favored the use and growth of cannabis, amidst contradictions especially with the federal law. Farmers had lots of setbacks that made them not to actualize weed farming.

The 2016 election saw many states vote for the legalization of farming and commercialization of hemp products. The success came in 2018 when the governments allowed hemp and CBD to be legal for growth and sale. Since then, it is expected to provide a large-scale multibillion-dollar business. So, I am sure you might want to take part in this lucrative business and agricultural venture.

Growing conditions

Hemp does well in a different environments and conditions. Unfortunately it doesn’t do well in desert climates or extremely cold high mountainous regions. The ideal growth conditions for hump are warm-weather especially in rich organic soils.

It is important to make sure that the soil is well-drained and you can find the best fertile source. It’s important to get the soil tested so that you can know the fertilizer or conditions you need to improve for optimal hemp growth.

Sowing hemp seeds

Till your land well and prepare it for sowing your seeds. Prepare a shallow seedbed with no herbicides. Make sure that the seedling depths are uniform so you can get leveled plant. It’s always important to have a nursery bed for your seeds and then transplant them into a better ground. The best hemp transplanters will always guide you through each process.

If you are in the United States, it’s ideal for you to plant your seedlings around May and June when the soils have all about temperature. 1-acre might require about 26 to 35 pounds of the seeds. You can either use a corn planter or a grain drill.


In most cases, you do not actually require any special farm equipment to grow your hemp. Among the challenges you might get is to find special machinery that can process hemp stalks.

Also, in places where hemp cultivation is not widespread, you might not find the right type of equipment. Fortunately, you can just skip fortunately you can just keep all these challenges by finding company that offers hemp processing services.

About Checchi & Magli

Whenever you’re looking for the best machines to cultivate your hemp, make sure to find experienced providers. You should be looking for companies that have been tested and proven to be offering high quality agricultural machinery.

Founded in 1976 in Bologna, this company prides in being one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hemp transplanter machines. The machines range from potato cultivators to harvesters as well as vegetable and tobacco seedlings deliveries. They also have transporter machines that will take your hemp cultivation to the next level. So, whether it is transplanting machines or bed maker that you’re looking for, make sure to buy your equipment from the experts.


Of course, you will need to water your seedlings sufficiently. During the first 6 weeks, seedlings require plenty of water and so, you will need to irrigate it appropriately. Although the hemp plants are usually drought resistant, you don’t want to expose them to extreme dryness.

Also, you may want to use a few pesticides and herbicides to help you keep your plant healthy. The kinds of chemicals you use depend largely on your state because some jurisdictions have strict pesticide control laws. Make sure to find out if the chemicals you wish to use are allowed by the National Pesticide Information Centre.

Organic hemp growth

In other times you may want to grow your hemp organically. Weed is such a great resistant plant to diseases and pests that requires minimal supplementary nutrition. Therefore, hemp growth tends to outdo any other weeds and this means it might require little cultivation or special care.


The hemp plant is fully matured by the time it hits 90 to 100 days in the ground. At that time, the plant starts maturing by exposing the seed heads. The seed bracts expose the seeds which allow it to dry naturally. In 100 to 120 Days the seed is ready for harvest and you can harvest your hemp using the rotary combiner with a dropper head. Set your combined harvester to the lever you use for wheat or canola. Expect to get about to 1000 pounds per acre. But, organically grown hemp maybe a little less at around 500 pounds per acre.

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