More Targeted Than Google: 9 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Facebook Ads

Social media provides an effective way for any business to increase traffic and exposure, generate leads, grow its base of loyal customers, earn more profits, and more. While this is not a big surprise for many people, Facebook is still considered the king of all social networks and the social media site that many professional and experienced marketers and business owners choose for their business. There is a good reason for this.

It is quite affordable to build a brand and to create more of a demand for the products and services offered. If a business is not currently advertising through Facebook, now is the time to look into it, especially if they want their business to grow. While it is possible to learn more about Facebook ads by using the services from, learning why this is a great way to advertise a business is key.

  1. People Spend a Lot of Time Browsing Social Media

Facebook is too big for modern businesses to ignore. Every business needs to have a Facebook page. Everyone knows this. Right now, over 40 million other businesses are now using this site. Facebook is where a business’s future customers tend to spend their time.

It is estimated that a regular social media user spends around 28 per cent of their time browsing social media, which means about 1.72 hours a day. The average American spends about 40 minutes on Facebook alone. This makes it clear that Facebook needs to be part of a person’s marketing strategy.

  1. It Has Over 1 Billion Users

Facebook is a big deal. In fact, it is estimated that over 1.55 billion people log into Facebook each month. Recently, Facebook even reached a rather impressive milestone that over one billion people logged into it in a single day. Within this huge pool of people is a business’s potential customers. Many spend time on Facebook each day. Now is the time to connect with these people. Facebook ads help businesses reach the right audience.

  1. Facebook’s Organic Reach Is Virtually Dead

If a business has a page on Facebook, fewer than 0.5 per cent of the fans are seeing the updates being made. For many years, Facebook has been steadily reducing the visibility of business pages in user’s news feeds. If a business wants to be discovered by potential customers, they need to use Facebook ads. Spending about $50 will be enough to help get the ad in front of five thousand to ten thousand people, and it is easy to target the desired audience.

  1. Scalable Content Promotion

If a business is creating great content for their site, they want people to see it. This is why it is a good idea to share updates through social networks. Unfortunately, this isn’t enough. Facebook ads are going to enhance the reach of the content. With ads, it is possible to get more organic reach for the content.

  1. Targeting is Easy and Effective

Facebook is more targeted than it seems. Businesses can target Facebook users with ads based on gender, connections, behaviour, age, location, and demographics. These ads can also help users get in front of specific and usually motivated segments with a business’s audience.

  1. Powerful Remarketing Abilities

Modern businesses would be insane not to harness the power of Facebook ads. While this is true, they would be even crazier if they did not use Facebook remarketing.

For those who are not familiar with remarketing, it is important to learn what it is and why it is important. Put simply, remarketing is a technology that shows ads for the business to individuals after they have visited the website, used the mobile app, or given a business their contact information. People will then see the targeted ads when they shop or visit another website, watch videos, use social media, or search on Google.

Remarketing is an extremely powerful way to grow any business. In fact, this will help to boost engagement rates up to three times and to double conversion rates.

  1. Transform Visitors to Leads Then Customers

Using Facebook ads will bring a new source of the traffic to the website. But a business should want more than this. They also need leads and customers and sales. To do this, tagging visitors who come to the site with a cookie is smart. This will also help a business build its remarketing audience. Once this is done, the business can start to apply demographic and behavioural filters on the audience to target ads to narrow down the group of people interested in what is being offered, who recently looked at the items, and who can afford to buy it.

  1. Call Buttons Are a Must

Facebook as a lot of users each month. Many of these are coming from mobile devices. This means that capturing leads via mobile Facebook is a huge opportunity. Calls to a business are more beneficial than a click on a website. This is why using call buttons on Facebook is such a good idea.

Consider mobile Facebook users. They will see an ad, click on the call button and the lead is captured. This is much more effective and faster, leading to more conversions and sales.

  1. Managing Facebook Ads is Simple

There are some people who believe that using Facebook ads is too complicated. Those who feel this way should take another look. There is an array of tools available today that will let anyone quickly and easily learn how to use and manage their Facebook ads.

When it comes to Facebook ads, there are more than a few factors that must be considered. However, when this platform is used properly, huge results can be achieved. Being informed and knowing how to make the most of this platform is key. If necessary, hire the professionals for help with the development of an ads campaign. This is going to pay off and help ensure the desired results are achieved and more people learn about the business.

Unnati Vaidya is a freelancer Content Writer and SEO generalist. She is an enthusiastic reader of Novels and a big fan of watching Sci-fi movies and seasons!

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