5 Reasons to Get Your ABHA Card Today

Launched in 2021, the Ayushman Bharat Health Account (ABHA) was a step towards digitising India’s healthcare infrastructure. With this scheme, the government aims to provide digital health cards to every Indian citizen and increase the accessibility to quality healthcare services throughout the country.

You can view the introduction of the ABHA card as a concrete step towards creating safer, streamlined, and more efficient digital healthcare records for you and your family. 

If you are still on fences and need help deciding whether you should sign-up for an ABHA card, this guide will help you. This guide lists the five top reasons every person should enroll for the national health authority card. So let’s quickly explore the reasons shared below.

  • Digitized Healthcare Records

One of the best things about the ABHA card is the secured, digitised healthcare records. If you have trouble maintaining all the healthcare reports like past prescriptions, lab reports, diagnostic results, etc., the ABHA card will ease things for you. Once you sign-up and agree to host all your healthcare information online on the card, you can use this single card to share your medical history with the concerned doctor. 

It will eliminate the need to maintain and carry multiple healthcare documents during your doctor’s visit. All you need is the ABHA card number. Share the number with the doctor, and they will instantly gain access to your health records. 

  • Voluntary Activation & Deactivation

Although the ABHA card has plenty of benefits, it is not mandatory for Indian citizens to create their ABHA account. If you feel the need to seamlessly share your medical records with a doctor you’re seeing for treatment purposes, you can sign-up and activate your ABHA ID. 

But if you feel no need for this health card, you can choose to deactivate your account instantly. The option to voluntarily activate and deactivate your ABHA account has been provided for peoples’ satisfaction and convenience. You can activate or deactivate your account using the official ABHA app or website.

  • Connect with the Right Healthcare Providers

If you often travel from one city to another for work purposes, an ABHA card can ease your healthcare requirements. Finding a reliable doctor in a new location can be difficult, but this problem can be solved with an ABHA card. 

Every ABHA cardholder has access to an extensive and verified nationwide directory of doctors and other healthcare providers with their contact details. You can filter the doctor based on your preferred location and specialisation, and the relevant list will be generated. This way, you will always have a reliable professional to approach for any medical services. 

  • Your Healthcare Data Remains Protected

A misconception some people have about ABHA cards is that any doctor or healthcare provider can access their medical history. In reality, you will have to give consent to a doctor to view your medical records, even when they know your ABHA number. You can give permission for a limited period or revoke it whenever you want. 

All these options are available in the official ABHA app. You can log in to your ABHA account and manage your consent preferences. Additionally, the government has taken extra measures to protect your digitised healthcare records from unauthorised access by a third party, so your data is 100% safe.

  • Digitise Your Healthcare Records at Zero Cost

A major feature of the ABHA card is that it’s free to get. Whether you’re a working professional or someone looking for a job, everyone can register for an ABHA card without paying for it. The government bears all the costs associated with running this scheme, so Indian citizens can enjoy its benefits without paying. 

ABHA card is an advanced health ID card that makes digital storage and maintenance of healthcare records, a smooth and easy process. It also enables easy sharing of medical records with doctors and other healthcare professionals. If you want to instantly fasten the process of getting quality healthcare services from doctors, get your ABHA card at the earliest.

There are many benefits of getting an ABHA card that you must pay attention to. If you have decided to get your ABHA card, head to the official website (https://healthid.ndhm.gov.in/) and request an online ABHA number. You will get step-by-step instructions on the screen, so keep following them to create your account quickly. The entire process takes a few minutes, so ensure you apply for the ABHA card when you’re not in a hurry. Once done, you can download the ABHA card online and use it while visiting a doctor for a better experience.   



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