Psychological Impacts of Substance Addiction on Relationship and Social Life

You would have heard lots of discussions, talk shows, and seminars about the physical and psychological impacts of substance addiction on the person but we often neglect is the person’s social life and relationships which also suffer from that. This weekend, plan a visit to Drug Rehab Sandy, and there you will hear various stories of the people and how they ruined their social lives after getting involved in drug addiction.

Here we will narrate about the psychological problems that arise when a person gets addicted to drugs or alcohol and their problems directly affect the relationships and his social life.

Social Deterrence

The drug addict person avoids people even if it’s his own family. He has a pang of guilt in his mind that whatever he’s doing is not good and he doesn’t want it to be revealed before people. He often stays alone away from home, and if he’s at home, he will try to keep himself locked in room or bathroom. And when he’s in the impact of the substance, he feels shame in facing the people, and he has a fear to be judged as a wicked person with no courage and ethics. This social deterrence will force him to tell lies to their family about where he was and what he was doing, and in doing so he will act awkwardly.


If your partner keeps avoiding you and whenever you ask him, you get a reply which is not true, then what would be your reaction? Will you trust such a person? The same happens with a person who is addicted to substance. In social deterrence he keeps telling a lie to the people and the family and finally loses the trust people have in them. And this distrust hurts the relationships so badly that it often damages it.

Family environment will not remain the same peaceful rather, and everyone will seem irritated and guess who will suffer most? Yes, your kids. Your kids don’t understand what’s going on rather they will remain terrified with what’s going on daily at home. It may put them in depression or may affect their psychological condition for the rest of their life as well.


If we talk about the direct effects of drugs, most of the substances excite your emotions and often lead them to aggression and violence. Common drugs which are known to bring anger and aggression to the consumer are alcohol, Ritalin, cocaine and crystal meth. These are just few names we mentioned here, but actually, most of the substances excite the consumer and their feelings. Most of the times these are destructive and violent feelings and the obvious victim is the partner or other family members.

The best decision is to get addiction help from Nexus Recovery because at this stage situation often gets out of control. You can’t simply wait for something bad to happen to you and your kids. You need to act prudently and get the help instantly. You can call the hotline if the situation goes worse for instant help.

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