4 Online Games to Keep Your Mind Sharp

Video games. Whether you are a kid or a full-grown adult, the chances are that you played video games at least a few times in your life. Be it Mario Cart, or Counter-Strike; there are certain games that have remained constant over the years.

The popularity of video games and their role in the lives of the masses mean that the sector has fared quite well for itself. According to Statista, the industry accounts for 12,692 million dollars! Games don’t just help you in keeping boredom at bay.

Instead, if you choose the right games, you can end up making your mind sharper than ever. Here are our top choices for a sharper brain.

#1. Easter Eggs

When you think of games that have the power to make your brain sharper, you are bound to think of highly complex and challenging gameplay. However, the two don’t necessarily go hand in hand.

In fact, sometimes the simplest gameplay is the one that ends up being great for cognition. One such simple yet addictive online game is Easter Eggs.

Delivered by the online platform called Unlimited Gamez Mo, Easter Eggs can be seen as a stripped-down version of candy crush. Here, you are required to align four eggs, which are of the same color. When you do, you end up destroying them. The more eggs you get rid of, the higher will be your score.

Just because Easter Eggs is fairly straightforward in terms of gameplay, doesn’t mean it doesn’t take a few brain cells. You must think ahead and strategize to ensure that you align the different eggs in the right manner.

Because there is a lot of planning and strategy involved, the game tends to be quite challenging for the mind. According to the American Psychological Association, such brain training games don’t just help in making the brain sharp but also keeps it young in terms of memory!

In case you are not a fan of Easter Eggs; specifically, there are various other strategy-based games available on the platform. The platform hosts a plethora of online games, belonging to different genres. However, there is a small sign-up fee that visitors have to pay to get full access to the various games available.

#2. Highway Hazards

Highway Hazards is just of the many masterpieces of Lumosity. Again, the gameplay of Highway Hazards is as simple as it can get. All you have to do is dodge the different obstacles that come your way, as quickly as you can.

In the game, you are given the responsibility of a vehicle. Your car is speeding away in a desert. And this desert has a variety of obstacles. Your task is to reach the finish line without colliding into any of the hurdles that come your way. This can include other cars and tumbleweeds, etc.

Since the vehicle operates at quite a fast speed, this game helps in challenging the player’s information processing skills. You must process, analyze, and react to information that comes your way as quickly as you can.

Information processing is the most basic yet most crucial function of the brain. According to Deborah J. Macinnis, in a paper published in JSTOR, imagery plays an essential role in information processing. Games like Highway Hazard leverage this link to make the mind sharper.

#3. Memory Serves

You can’t have a sharp brain without having a good memory. After all, memory is one of the essential functions of the brain. As one grows older, this is one function that slowly gets hampered.

According to Alzheimer’s Disease International, every three seconds, someone in the world develops dementia. The games you play can swiftly combat this issue. Lumosity delivers one such game. It is called memory Serves. The game revolves around delivering the right set of bags to the right guests.

As you proceed further into the game, it becomes more and more challenging. The speed of the game increases, and you are required to keep track of more quantity and type of luggage.

This game helps in improving your working memory, which is where temporary memory is stored before it enters long-term memory. If your working memory isn’t healthy, memories won’t proceed to the long-term stage and hence will lead to forgetfulness.

#4. Online Puzzles by Braingle

One of the biggest tech trends in the corporate world is connectivity. We all wish to be connected with the world. This is precisely the thinking that Braingle taps into. We all know that puzzles and crosswords are a great way to keep the mind sharp.

However, the generation of today doesn’t like doing anything unless it is fun or challenging. And the challenge doesn’t just stem from the complexity of the game. Some of us are driven by competition. This is what Braingle leverages. This website has a variety of online puzzles for you to solve.

This includes Sudoku, Kakuro, Star Battle, Disco Puzzle, Word Search, and Cross Word. However, rather than just delivering a simple game, this platform makes it a notch further. It also reflects a live scoreboard right next to the puzzle.

This way, you know where you stand compared to other global players. When you know you have people to beat, the chances are you will be much more motivated to play. And you will end up improving your memory while you are at it.

It is time to make your brain sharper!

Your mind is your biggest asset. Your intellect is what makes you, you. You owe it to yourself to sharpen and polish this asset. Make sure you improve your memory, concentration, and information processing skills. Do so by playing the right games. Take up tasks that require focus and thinking.

It is time to make your brain sharper and hence, younger! There are various online platforms that will help you in doing so. Pick the right ones, and you are good to go.

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