6 Pants-Shoes Combination Every Businessmen Should Know

Picking the ideal shoes to match your pants is a superficially simple task. However, as any business person who has tried and failed terribly to combine a black pant with a brown shoe will attest, it’s not always an artless task.

Ideally, there are a wide variety of styles, dress codes, and colors to consider. Indeed, you will only look like a professional businessman when all of these aspects are in alignment with your pants and footwear.

It can be a challenging scenario, as you can see. But to eliminate the tricky situation of identifying which footwear matches which trouser and save you the much-needed time every morning, we have reviewed the ordinary trousers and shoe colors that go hand in hand. So, check them out below.

Black Shoes

Black footwear is amongst the limited business attire that can claim to be in use by successful business people for centuries. For a good reason, the black footwear boasts an unmatched business outfit adaptability. Black goes hand in hand with everything and anything, making it simple to pick any matching pant.

Brown and Tan Footwear

Shades of brown work flawlessly with virtually all colors in the spectrum. The good thing is that any business meeting you can think of has its perfect match. Generally, when it comes to matching browns with trousers, the darker the trouser is, the darker the shoe needs to be.

For instance, chocolate-brown footwear perfectly suits a navy pant. Notably, you should always avoid wearing a brown shoe with a black pant. Remember that the shoes’ tone shouldn’t be pretty similar to the pant.

Oxblood Footwear

If you fancy something different, why not try an oxblood? It would be an understatement to allege that oxblood is not one of the most superficial looks to don amongst your peers. As long as you get it right from the word go, you will pull off a great look.

Navy is an ideal option to match this shoe, while a dark blue balance the red shades politely. Grey pant is another option you can wear with this shoe.

Blue Footwear

Well, this is another color of footwear that is becoming more and more prevalent amongst the modern businessmen who want to make their look unique. Before buying them, it is worth noting that they do not seem perfect for the formal images.

The blue footwear is widely used with a casual wardrobe, incredibly textured, matte materials like nubuck and suede. Navy suede sneakers, desert boots and loafers perfectly match the grey tailored slacks, chinos and stonewashed jeans.

When it comes to smart-casual events and casual business offices, the monk-straps and suede brogues works perfectly with the relaxed suiting.

White Sneakers

We are no longer in the era where sportspersons predominantly used sneakers. Recently, these footwears have found their entry into the present-day businessmen. White sneakers perfectly suit black, brown, blue, beige, green or white legwear.

Multicolored Sneakers

The combination of streetwear and high fashion has reintroduced the use of vibrant sneakers. The 90s style is back in the industry. However, you need to have color-matching skills to pull them off correctly.

Keep in mind that only one aspect of your attire needs to be a statement piece when it comes to wearing these footwears. So, the rest will serve as a backdrop. A general rule is that the pants color shouldn’t outshine the shoe’s color.

How to Buy Footwear Online

With online shopping accounting for more and more business every year, it is no coincidence that the millennials are going to the web to get the perfect outfit combination. Thus, if you are looking forward to buying your next business outfit on eCommerce sites, there are several things you need to consider to receive great deals. Below are the factors to consider:

Know Your Feet Measurements

Without a doubt, footwear sizes from different manufacturers vary greatly, and the truth is that you will not get an option to try the shoe published on the site. Here is where recognizing your feet’s dimension comes in handy.

Ensure You Have a Rough Idea of the Desired Footwear

Due to the many types and varieties of footwear in online stores, you may have difficulty figuring out your preferred shoe. Thus, know the required style of footwear, comfortability, the shoe’s intended use, looks and functionality before starting the online search. And if you use special inserts in your shoes, make sure the ones you’re buying have removable insoles.

Make Use of a Store with Good Exchange/Return Policy

Although you might perform all the ‘dirty’ work of finding the best online shop, there are still chances of getting footwear that doesn’t feel, look or fit appropriately. Besides, you might receive a faulty shoe. In such cases, you need to shop in stores that offer good return policies.

Assess the Shipping Options

One of the main reasons why shoppers shop online is to get great deals. But in some cases, deals are not what they appear. You might be tempted by low up-front costs only to be hit by high shipping fees.

Only Shop at Recognized Online Stores

Trust is undebatable in any online store because most stores receive your money before you can even receive the ordered item. Thus, it is essential to review the store’s reputation. Here is where going through previous and existing customer reviews kicks in.

The Importance of Online Coupons

You have perhaps come across it as you shop on the internet: the little coupon code textbox that pops up during checkout or in the cart. The coupon code may be labelled offer code, discount code, promo code, gift code, source code or even other applicable names.

Whatever they are called, online coupons or voucher codes characterize the same thing – they give you a chance to save some cash on your order. It would help if you used them wisely to optimize your potential savings. Currently, one of the best coupon codes you can use to buy the footwear mentioned above is the H&M Promo Code. 

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