Top 7 Online Free YouTube Downloader of 2020

When we think of downloading or converting youtube videos to mp3 mp4, AVi and other formats then two ways come to mind first is downloading any software or app like Gihosoft TubeGet and other is converting online using online video converter.Which method is good?

We should choose the second option because apps or software take storage of devices and take time to download but when you are using an online converting website you can convert or download your files in just three clicks. So we have listed below 7 best online downloaders that can help you for downloading youtube videos.

Are you still searching for a quick and strong online downloader of YouTube videos that can download YouTube videos online as MP4 or MP3? Then you really can’t ignore Ytbto, because it’s one of the best current online YouTube downloaders that offers powerful download features. This online HD video downloader comes with an intuitive gui, so you can save the video file without a glitch in the available features. After you have acquired the actual video URL, pick your desired video format and it will be downloaded as soon as you press the download is also a popular Youtube to Mp4 converter on the web that convert Youtube videos to Mp4 Format in just few steps.

What made Ytbto famous is that it offers two methods in which netizens can snatch online videos from YouTube to an offline play machine. One way is that, you just quickly copy and paste the link to the particular area, select the version, then it begins downloading. On the other side, while you’re playing a Video from youtube, you’ll only put “pp” in the path address line after the word “youtube,” and then transfer it to the download tab.

YouTube and Google are trying to adjust and upgrade their features to render unusable online video download sites, but don’t be amazed if any of your top online YouTube video downloader sites don’t operate or close down suddenly. For example, KeepVid is not currently a common online portal for keeping HD videos from youTube. But for users, KeepVid needs to find an alternative. Fortunately, when KeepVid doesn’t work, a website called, there is a nifty alternative on the internet. Only pop up your source video URL into the app, and press the “Convert” button to save the video to your devices early.

The first time you’re using, you’ll need to download a file named SFHlper that requires you to install a Chrome plugin, so you can only stream videos for free. It is a feature that sounds a lot like Addon Clip Converter. The advertisements are another poor experience of the program, please leave it alone. As for streaming, this product’s most impressive feature is that it offers a simpler and creative way to stream videos-add letters. So: In this SaveFrom, how do you save YouTube HD videos as MP4 online? The response to that question is dead clear.


YouTube is now, as you might have heard, the 2nd largest search engine in the world with its enormous video content and it is rising at a high pace this year. Across that basis, YouTube downloader tools are becoming increasingly popular, and webmasters are continuing to enter the market and wanting to get a slice of the pie. Y2mate is one of the teams, its Alexa rank is increasing steadily in 2018 and it is now about 1k~2k. Y2mate provides users the opportunity to access and convert content from YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo, YouKu, etc. to MP3, MP4 in HD format, as an online YouTube video downloader platform.


Streaming video has never been more available than it is these days, but you still have your reasons to download it offline, especially those high definition videos. So when it comes to the rights of the videos you want to stream, you’re probably safe as long as you stream a video for your own personal offline use and not bring it online. And this time we’re giving YouTubNow-one of the world’s best HD video & audio download services.

YouTubNow offers an interactive and genuine content sharing solution for content fans around the world, making downloading of YouTube videos, TV shows, songs, playlists, channels, subtitles simple and free. It’s an online platform, and you can use it in your apps, essentially you can use it on any internet enabled computer.

YouTube is a fantastic forum for viewing and sharing videos, and has both free and paid content – only accessible to Premium users on YouTube. YouTube Premium is a paid online subscription service offering ad-free access to all YouTube-hosted material, the exclusive original content created in partnership with the creators of the platform. But now, YouTube decides to make a change, trying to free up that original content, with ads, to expose it to a wider audience. This is definitely great news for the generation of YouTube, since they will enjoy more incredible content.
But what if you have watched and decided to download a great video material on YouTube on your phone or computer? Is there a simple way, or do you have some more detective work to put in? Finally, besides the above 5 YouTube downloader websites, is also a secure alternative.

Video Grabber

Video Grabber is an all-in-one online HD video downloader from YouTube, a web-based YouTube downloader that allows users to capture videos from hot online video sharing sites such as YouTube, Lynda, Twitter, Twitch, LiveLeak, Vevo & TED. Another feature that catches my eye is that Video Grabber handpicks and places a series of hot videos on its site, enabling you to view, search and download videos via this one-stop service, even without going to YouTube.

Besides streaming, it also provides the feature of converting YouTube videos to formats such as MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, WMV & device-compatible formats like Samsung, Huawei, iPad, iPhone, PSP & iPod touch etc. If you assume that these are all the features that Video Grabber has, then you’re totally wrong.

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