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Pulling off a show-stopping exhibition in Las Vegas trade shows is every exhibitor’s dream as the value it generates for business is exponential. The city of lights is the advertisement capital of the world and the mecca of trade fairs. It hosts a record of trade shows not less than 20000 annually all of which are well attended by notable personalities from all walks of life. Las Vegas best stands designers come up with exceptional exhibition stands designs that are simply out of this world and we help link you to the most artistic companies in the region.

Customized Stand Designs

To create waves in Las Vegas your business has to seek a point of distinction from all its competitors in a trade show. Exhibition stands designers in Las Vegas have a deep knowledge of the market forces that influence massive sales in the local scene. It only takes a joint effort working with you to understand the vision for your brand and find the best ways to utilize your exhibition space in a manner that best highlights your business.

Lucky enough we live in a golden age of technology and with intuitive use of digital applications in display and in setting up a mood that many people can relate with always works in Las Vegas. The objective is to make your brand visible from all angles and disseminating a maximum amount of information about your business to imprint a lasting impression in the minds of attendees. Customized exhibition stands give you a professional appeal and an assumption that you are the best that your industry has to offer.

Choosing the most Professional Exhibition Stand Designer in Las Vegas

In the entertainment capital of the world, the large number of stand designers spoils you of choice but can be confusing especially when with the knowledge that you only get a single shot to make your mark. When partnering up with stands designers we ensure you do not misfire as everything rides on this decision. The most prominent designers in the local scene include:

  • Intelligent Exhibits
  • oBooths
  • Yintin Inc
  • RND Exhibits International
  • Elements
  • Lucky Exhibits
  • Encompass exhibits
  • Expo Partners
  • MB Exhibits and many others!

Maximizing you Marketing Venture in Las Vegas Trade shows

An experienced stand designer in Las Vegas will create an enabling environment for you but you need to make the most out of the footfall generated. Having a branded team to work with coordinated marketing techniques is well founded but it is not adequate to keep potential customers glued to your post. Technology can, however, make people get comfortable at your exhibition space forgetting about all the other exhibitors.

Smart technology specifically is relatable as people interact with smart devices all day. Create a short but elaborate video about your business that not only informs but brings entertainment value to attendees. Have a charging station with a few seats as most potential customers will seek a place they can momentarily rest from walking around. Other techniques include using virtual reality to advertise and setting thematic game stations where people can enjoy themselves as they learn about what you have to offer.

Make the most from trade shows in Las Vegas by reaching out to us and we will work on creating an image for your brand that both competitors and customers will remember!

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